Long Range Light Jet

long-range light jet

Moderate-sized super mid-size jet made of ultra-light carbon fiber composite hull. This is a long-range, light jet for up to nine passengers. Fastest and widest light aircraft in the world SJ30 has a high-speed cruising of Mach 0.83 (486 ktas), a range of 2,500 nm and a height of 41,000 feet above the sea canal. Featuring a high-curved blade for high, fuel-spraying cruising and front louvre blades and low proximity dampers, the SJ30 is a superb combination of aerodynamic and Williams FJ44-2A power.

With the SJ30, our clients get better access to global targets at an unbeatable price.

Ten single-pilot planes with the range to get you where you want to go.

A major problem when piloting with a pilots is that the operator is restricted to smaller airplanes, usually with a smaller range. Against this background, we have compiled a shortlist of the 10 widest range singles pilots. Following airplanes, from turbo-props to light jet airplanes, can bring you to your destination with only one pilots.

Note when you read this that the range of an airplane strongly correlates to the number of occupants, the baggage size, the meteorological condition and much more. With 1,755 sea-mile the King Air B200 has the tenth largest range of 1 kg aircrafts. Some of the greatest things that allow the King Airs on this schedule to go as far as they do is their energy use.

For example, the King Air B200 combusts only 101 galons per hour, which is significantly less than most of its light jet rivals. King Air 300's specifications are similar to those of the B200, although the King Air 300 has Pratt & Whitney Canada's PT6A-60A engine as compared to the B200's PT6A-42 engine.

King Air 300 has the 9th longest range on this chart, with a range of 1,795 sea mile slightly higher than the B200. Beechcraft's first Super King Air plane, the King Air 200, has the longest range of any King Air plane to date and the 8th with 1,870 sea mile on this rank.

Just like the B200, the King Air 200's Pratt & Whitney power plants consume just 101 galons of gas per engine per hours, making them one of the lowest cost airplanes on the world. 7th place on our long range singles pilots is the Citation CJ3+ from Cessna, an airplane that has rated Cessna "Efficient and Reliable".

" The CJ3+ is just another extension of a long line of powerful light nozzles that will do the trick. The CJ3+ has some of the best land abilities of any single-pilot plane, in conjunction with its stunning 1,875 nautical miles.

Despite this, the Ultra and Co have a range of about 1,960 sea mile, which is ranked number four on this ranking chart. Not only is the load capacity of the aircraft among the widest range single-pilot aircraft, but it is also among the best in its category, which is usually the decisive consideration for those who prefer the aircraft over its competitors.

With a range of 1,960 sea-mile, which is the same as the V, the Ultra's enhanced engine gives it a significant boost in cruising speeds, climbing rates and slope area. While both the Ultra and V models are favorite options for traveling within the United States, the Ultra will get the work done much quicker.

As with the supercitation V, the demise of the Ultra is the fact that it has some of the most costly running among single-pilot aircraft. SII is one of the oldest aircraft on this schedule, manufactured from 1984 to 1988. The range is the same as that of the Encore at 1,970 sea-km, although its cruising rate is significantly lower than that of the Encore.

It is known for its ease of styling and handling, which at its day made it a favorite option for pilots. Citation Encore ranks second on our schedule, with a range of 1,970 sea-mile, just above that of the Ultra and V. Encore is known for its versatile and unparalleled capability to perform long distance flights and take-offs and landings on shorter take-off and landing strips.

Encore is the follow-up to the Ultra and V. The Encore has further enhanced the Ultra and improves climbing performance, range, refuelling economy and operational cost. The Citation CJ4 from Cessna, which has been in operation since 2010, has by far the best range of all single-pilot planes at 2,192 mph.

There is also the biggest stateroom of all Citation jets, a full 21 inch longer than that of the CJ3. An important change to the CJ4, and one of the main reason the range is so great, is a newly developed airfoil that reduces aerodynamic resistance and increases propellant capability. You can find details on each of these planes, plus operational cost, power data and more, in our Buyers' Guide for Single-Pilot Planes here.

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