Cheapest very Light Jet

The cheapest very light jet

Also the market for new private jets is in a doldrums. Strong, lightweight jets - Barron's Technological advances make many things smaller and less expensive, and fortunately personal jet aircraft are no exceptions. Up until 2006, when the new generations of very light aircraft such as the Cessna Mustang and Eclipse 500 came onto the scene, and then, two years later, the Embraer Phenom 100, your only choice were super clamped light aircraft or the additional costs of piloting bigger aircraft.

This means that most corporate jets are perfectly suited to the very light jet's missions; if the owner needs a bigger jet for the casual long-haul operation, they can always hire. According to Mason Holland, President and Chief Executive Officer of Eclipse Aerospace: "Look at the route of lawyer Mark Tate of the Tate Law Group.

Attorneys usually fly from their Savannah, Ga. bases to any location on the East Coast or to Chicago, usually a journey of up to threehrs. Casual travel to the Cayman Islands involves a stop, and usually another attorney or legal assistant will fly with him.

Tate, who has a pilots, previously possessed a single-engine Piper Meridian turboprop and tried the TBM 700 and a Pilatus PC-12. Even though he tried Cessna's Mustang, the higher acquisition and running expenses led to the fact that he was not "the right choice". "But now Tate is happy to own an Eclipse 500 and exchange it for a new Eclipse 550 at the end of this year, which will mean a $2.9 million price.

As Tate states, about 30% of Eclipse owner occupy commercial pilot. For Tate, what the Eclipse works for is that its operating costs, about $800 per one hour, are one-third the costs of bigger jetliners. He doesn't believe that the skill of getting up and walking around the booth is valuable in terms of the additional costs.

Tate typically travels from Savannah to Atlanta. In order to travel with an airline, he must vacate the 1111½ offices hour In order to travel with an aircraft, he must go through the security theatre at the TSA check-point and bear the unavoidable delay In order to travel with an aircraft In order to travel with an airline, he must travel with the aircraft, he must go through the TSA check-point safety theatre and meet the unavoidable delay. It is a completely different Eclipse experiance. He is airborne shortly after leaving his desk and landing at one of Atlanta's less crowded highways.

Although the price of a flight can be $500, he says: "With what I charge, it takes me more to travel commercially than to use my aircraft. "Tate calculates 152 hrs per year in his Eclipse 500. "And while Tate uses the Eclipse primarily as a management resource, he also uses the aircraft for familiar outings.

However, the Eclipse 550 also awaits the updated Eclipse 550. Mustang, Eclipse 500 and Phenom 100 use basically the same PW600 motor of the PW600 range from Pratt & Whitney Canada, but with different performance classes. Eclipse is the smallest with the lowest take-off mass of 6,000lb.

Eclipse 500 will cost 2.2 million dollars and sixth place. Cessna' s Mustang, on the other hand, is $3. 2 million and also has six seating places. Phenom 100 is $4. 1 million and bets up to eight people. This very light jet can bear a payload, without propellant, from 1,100 lbs to over 1,300 lbs, according to how it is fitted out.

Its main differences are that the Eclipse levels have no room for a bathroom; the Mustang has a curtain-type, non-flushing bathroom in the front cab; and the Phenom 100 has a bathroom with a rear cab doors. in a VLJ lasts about 40 min and in a commercial aircraft 62 min, with the cushioned travelling period taking into account traffic overload at the airports and rolling.

The benefits are reduced compared to longer trips, but remember to travel from Teterboro to Orlando Executive Florida Airport: This would take about two hrs and 40 min in the VLJ or with the carrier, but you would still have to plan two additional hrs of air traffic required for the business plane compared to the 15 min needed to get on a coach.

Speaking as lawyer Mark Tate puts it: "I don't care if I stop to get gas.

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