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French charter flights

Wide range of aircraft, airports and heliports for flights to France. Here you will find the contact details of the French aircraft operators and the fleet for chartering. Comprehensive experience in the mediation of aircraft charter. The Cormeilles En Vexin (LFPT) Cormeilles En Vexin, France, France. Voiisins (LFPK) Voiisins, France, France.


No matter whether you are travelling for commercial or personal reasons, our vehicle is available all year round. You can charter one or more planes for personal or commercial use all year round to or from France and other places in Europe. Your e-mail at our best rates ? This website uses cookie technology to help us provide you with the best possible experiences and content that is personalised.

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Paris, France Private Jet and Air Charter Flights

Customers enjoy first class services, untiring commitment to security, a large choice of planes and years of personal jet charter work. Paris, the beloved charter city in the area, boasts a large choice of chartered planes and commercial flights. More than ten aerodromes are within fifty miles of Paris.

Le Bourget Airport (LBG), nine nautical miles north-east of downtown Paris, and Charles De Gaulle International Airport (CDG), fourteen nautical miles north-east of downtown Paris, are the main airport locations. Within 50 nautical miles of Paris, more than 153 privately owned jetliners with 39 flight choices are available at Le Bourget International Airport (LBG).

Among the most popular jet models are the superlight jet (Citation Excel, Phenom 300 and Falcon 100), the very lightweight jet (Phenom 100 and Citation Mustang), the lightweight jet (Citation Encore, Citation CJ3 and Citation II), the turbo-props (King Air 350, King Air 200 and King Air C90), the medium superclass (Citation Sovereign), the medium-size jet (Learjet 60) and the large jet (Falcon 2000EX, Challenger 604 and Challenger 850).

Paris, the French capitol, is one of the most beloved towns in the whole hemisphere. Painting sites, historical sights and touristic sights are an important part of the Paris culture heritages. Paris' most famous Kunstgalerien and Museum are the Centre Georges Pompidou, the Louvre, the Rodin Museum, the Carnavalet Museum, the Cathedral Notre Dame, the Paris National Natural History Museum, the D'Orsay Museum, the Victor Hugo Museum, the Marmottan-Claude Monet Museum, the L'Orangerie Museum, the Picasso Museum and others.

If you are in Paris you should treat yourself to the fabulous shops, try the excellent food and ascend the Eiffel Tower. One of the most intriguing and enchanting places in the whole wide variety of tourist attractions, Paris attracts more than 30 million visitors every year. Paris is serviced by the airports Le Bourget (LBG), Paris-Orly (ORY) and Charles De Gaulle International Airport (CDG).

BVA, Beauvais-Tille, Paris, France. CDG, Charles De Gaulle, Paris, France. Liquor, Creil, Creil, Creil, France. DLP, Disneyland Paris, Disneyland Paris, France. EVX, Evreux, Evreux, Evreux, France. JEV, Heliport, Evry, France. JPU, La Defense Heliport, Paris, France. LBG, Le Bourget, Paris, France. ORE, Orleans, Orleans, Orleans, France. ORY, Orly, Paris, France. POX, Paris Cergy Pontoise, Paris, France.

TNF, Toussus-le-Noble, Toussus-Le-Noble, France. URO, Boos, Rouen, France. ZFQ, Gare de Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France. 1st Hotel Saint Merry, 78 Rue de la Verrerie, Paris. Des Mines Hotel, 125 Boulevard Saint-Michel, Paris. Ritz, 15 Place Vendôme, Paris. Britannique Hotel, 20 Avenue Victoria, Paris. 5th Hotel Duo, Rue du Temple 11, Paris. 6th Hotel Notre-Dame Saint Michel, 1 Quai Saint-Michel, Paris. 7th Hotel Saint Merry, 78 Rue de la Verrerie, Paris. 8th Hotel Agora, 7 Rue de la Cossonnerie, Paris. 9th Hotel de Saint Germain, 5 Rue Chomel, Paris.

Britannique Hotel, 20 Avenue Victoria, Paris.

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