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Eleven exciting new routes for cheap flights

With new air lanes giving the feeling that the globe is smaller than ever, the increasing flood of fierce global demand is leading even the small group of US carriers to diversify their destination. These are the most exciting new air itineraries that will be created this year and how you can benefit from them. The German capitol is rightly regarded as one of the most affordably priced contemporary towns in the globe - and it will become even more affordably accessible by air.

The budget airline Primera Air recently launched new non-stop services to Berlin's Tegel from Boston, New York City (JFK) and Toronto airports from $99. Starts in June 2019, but will be sold now, so you can begin to plan your trips to Europe in high time. With American Airlines also enlarging to Berlin, it will offer a seasons flight between Philadelphia and Berlin's Tegel International Airports next coming spring, as well as a number of other major destinations in Europe such as Croatia and Italy (more below).

They don't have to be on the west coast for Hawaii to be a one-way out. The Hawaiian Airlines company has just won the longest inner U.S. air travel award with its Boston Honolulu services. And the longest ever US tour will open in April 2019. Southwest will begin to sell flights from Oakland, San Diego, San Jose and Sacramento to Hawaii's Honolulu, Kahului, Kona and Lihue Hawaiian airport on the West Coast next year (and in the far future).

A codeshare agreement with Korean Air has opened new flights from Delta to Seoul for the United States, among them flights from Midwest and East Coast hub such as Minneapolis/St. Paul and Boston. Non-stop trans-Pacific services to Incheon high-tech airport will start in April next year for Boston, but the start date for Minneapolis is not yet known.

JetBlue, the low-cost and convenience carriers, is extending its range of services to Mexico from Boston and New York this year. Flights will be operated once a week from 25 October 2018 and fares will begin at approximately US$150 per flight. JetBlue is flying to Mexico Town, which the company describes as "the biggest town in the world", and it is noteworthy that the timetable begins right on the Dia de los Muertos festival.

Its only non-stop service from North America to Dubai now includes American Air Lines, which will expand Europe-wide in 2019, and Berlin. Flights from Dubai to Philadelphia will start in June 2019 and run until September 21. With Qantas, Australia's simple and one of the best airline in the country, one of the best carriers in the whole wide range, Qantas, San Franciscans can now offer non-stop flights to Melbourne.

Flights started in September 2018 and will be operated four frequencies per week in order to partly substitute the Melbourne facility Qantas also provides in Los Angeles via LAX. For a long time, Canada has had no air travel available to Americans at reasonable prices, but this will continue to be the case thanks to the extremely inexpensive Swoop airline, which is developing its US itineraries.

In October 2018, seven new flights will start with Las Vegas, followed by six more later this month. 3 new flights will start with Las Vegas in October 2018. Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia will now be connected to the main U.S. hub cities through the Las Vegas connections to Edmonton, Hamilton and Abbotsford, Phoenix to Edmonton and Florida (Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and Tampa) to Hamilton.

Next Spring, take a rest from the icy weather in Denver with a one-way Cayman Airways trip to the Cayman Islands, which will launch the region's first non-stop Caribbean route on March 2. Twice a week flights are operated through the early and late season until they are reduced in September.

In 2018, American Airlines will start non-stop flights to Bologna, one of the 52 Places to Go of the New York Times. From now on the new airway is the only non-stop service of the Italien gastronomy in the USA. Flights start on 2 April from the airline's Philadelphia hubs. When you' re ready for low cost flights without hand luggage, Spirit Airways' expanded North Carolina service from Florida could open your budgeting for you.

Floridaers can now non-stop travel to a North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains hub for hipsters, and North Carolinians looking for a vacation in Florida can choose: Spirit adds Asheville and Greensboro facilities for three towns in Florida: Have you ever traveled with Spirit before, you know that the low -cost carrier bills for everything from seating to luggage compartments, so it's worth booking several places on a booking and packing lights.

With 153 new national and intercontinental services to be added in the next few years, the low-cost carriers Norway Air are relying heavily on their own new company in South America, Norway Air Argentina. Launch ing in October, the new company has scheduled US connections to Buenos Aires from New York and Los Angeles, although it is not clear when exactly they will start.

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