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The Miami Air International is an American charter airline based in Miami-Dade County, Florida, USA. Contact details and fleet of the aircraft operator for MIAMI AIR INTERNATIONAL, INC. Enjoy the choice of jet, luxury cabins and exceptional customer service. Find out about Miami Air International charges and the latest flight information. Lauderdale to Bahamas, Florida Keys;

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Whereas in 1991 we for the first time splayed our wing over Miami, today you can see our planes around the world. Anything we do is charter.

sspan class="mw-headline" id="History">History[edit]

Founded in August 1990, the carrier began operating in October 1991[6] with Boeing 727-200[7] aircrafts leased from Xerox Credit Corporation. Lyall, who had a long history with Eastern Air Lines and Pan Am World Airways, was Chairman, and Ross Fischer, who managed systems operation for People Express and Eastern, was President.

They were the principal stockholders and founding directors, including a large number of former East European employees, a former "Big 8" associate with broad business expertise, a prospective Miami attorney, and several former People Express employees. In 2000 the number of Boeing 727 planes had increased to 8 and the turnover exceeded 100 million US dollars.

This year, a syndicate under the leadership of Eagle Global Logistics acquired a controlling interest in the business, primarily from outgoing stockholders, and began transforming the Boeing 727 into freighters to run its freight hubs in Austin, Texas, under the name Quest International. At the same time, new Boeing 737-800s were hired to ensure the flight services of the rebuilt Boeing 727s.

During 2001, the September 11 incidents and the award of the post office to FedEx Express led to a decline in leasing instalments and leasing value for the Boeing 727. At the beginning of 2002, EGL discontinued the use of Quest freighters and began selling them. Meanwhile, Miami Air's airline passengers boomed mainly due to the enormous increase in defence sales and the airline expanded to 8 Boeing 737-800s and 2 Boeing 727s by 2005.

Miami Air International with its Boeing 737-800s currently continues to be an ad hoc charter company with a broad client basis. The Boeing 737-400s, which are equipped to the highest standards, are designed primarily for elite sport clubs in the fields of ice hockey, ball games, volleyball, golf and volleyball.

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