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With Skyway. There are no more expensive private jet charters. FLITE Air Taxi offers private planes a la carte at reasonable prices: Today's traveler's needs are many and varied, and we think that we cover most of them with our private jets. Aerial taxis are approaching flying with the latest finance boost.


You can reach us 24 h a days, every single working hour in the year and all over the year. Upon request, the Air Taxi Charta is best for those who are travelling less than 100 hrs per year. For more than that, speak to one of our charters agents about other charters programme choices that can give you lower rates.

A lot of enterprises, firms and private persons profit from bulk charters which can provide rebates if they undertake to buy a certain number of charters which are to be used over a certain timeframe. Blockcharter is beneficial for business and individual travellers with more than 50 flying hour per year.

There is a large selection of corporate jets available to satisfy your travelling needs. We have become an experts in providing worldwide air transport services with airplanes and offices around the globe.

Self-propelled air taxis and airplanes: The aviation industry faces its future

Farnborough, England - Farnborough International Airshow last weekend made headline news with historic aircraft offers. However, a fistful of future-oriented air traffic plans signalled a new tension that flowed through the sector. From self-propelled airplanes to electric air taxi aircraft, perhaps the industry's largest technological leap since the beginning of the jet era in the 1950', today's modern aviation and space industries are struggling with new technologies.

Rent an air taxi and charter your own jet.

Roundtrip on the same flight in your own jet, a drive on the continent with more goals in one flight, more travelers on the way or even another goal at the last second. Today's traveler's needs are many and varied, and we think we can cover most of them with our own personal jetliners.

Air Taxi is the wisest way to reach your goal. In comparison to the bigger airlines, the saving of times often surpasses many maneuvers. Offering exclusively prepared meals, we use only the best vendors to guarantee a perfect dining sensation in combination with our Air Taxi services. Our menu and meals have been designed to meet the needs and taste of most people.

Because every single trip is different every single night, the travel experiences with us are always new and new. Rather than fly with traditional carriers, try our air taxi services that are agile and effective. You determine the itinerary and the timetable in an air taxi. However, if your trip lasts a full tag or more, includes multiple safety controls and awaits connection travel, overnight stays in hotels, and generally a huge amount of wasted travel in which you can't work because you're always crowded, it's different, and you might want to suggest that your shareholders' funds be better spent on letting you and perhaps more of your peers get on and off in less than a single lag.

Choosing the Jet is when it is objective, the most timely and cost-effective way to run your busines. Return in your own jet, a journey with several goals in a unique way, collection of more travellers on the way, last minute changes of goal. Today's traveler's needs are diverse and we believe we can serve most of them with a personal jet.

However, if more passengers travel together in a single jet, the cost per passenger will be the same or better than a regular fare, but the jet's temporal effectiveness will be much better. No matter whether you're an engine technician on a crucial quest to repair machines on an offshore rig, a flying squad to help re-establish a particular air lane, or a medical graft ing unit to remove organ for grafting, you all have the same goal: your goal is timeliness is critical, your goal is safe, and your goal is as fast as possible.

Well, it' s always a question of how much and how much time you spend. Again, spending your free moment can make the big difference. What does that mean?

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