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Log in to ola account. Latest tweets from Ola (@Olacabs). To book a Uber or Ola Taxi without the App

If you need to take a taxi, you probably unplug your mobile and launch the Ola or Uber app (whichever you prefer) and make a reservation. However, if you are seated in the comfort of your own home, you do not have to take the additional steps to be able to book your taxi without having to unplug your mobile with you.

It' s actually quite straightforward to reserve a taxi from your computer via the web interface, and Ola formally offers support for booking on the web, while Uber requires a basic skill to make it work for you. Here is what you need to know, along with a few other useful tips that make using Uber from your computer a cakewalk.

Reserving a Uber without a telephone is just as easy, but there is one additional thing you need to know because the Uber website on your desk does not let you reserve a taxi. The next display will ask you to type in your telephone number and then your passphrase. Next, you will get an ATP on your mobile and as soon as you type it in, go to the booking page.

It was a one-time event and the next times you have to reserve a taxi you don't have to register anymore. This can be enabled or disabled and you will be redirected to the booking page. Please fill in your pick-up and return point here. You can see the journey in the card below, along with the various cabin choices, fares estimated and pick-up times.

Just click on the enquiry and over the taxi bookings and you are ready to go. Aside from these small remedies, there is an even easier way to make a booking if you are using a Windows workstation. There' an offical Uber app that works on Windows 10 machines. This uses your site and can be used to reserve a vehicle.

But if you want to use the app and have a Windows 8 notebook or tray, you can get a free copy from the Microsoft Store. It also has a Windows 10 app, but it's only Windows 10 Phone compliant, so it won't work on your notebook or desktops.

There is no Uber app for Mac OS X but there is an app named Fastlane that allows you to make a Uber booking from your Apple workstation. When you click on it, you must enter your collection and delivery location and then the Requirement icon. Over also worked with Microsoft to start integrating with Office 365.

When you are an Office 365 user, Uber uses the Outlook APIs, and you can use the calendars there to setup taxi trips. Create an About Drive meeting memory in your calendars, and you'll get a pop-up window when it's your turn to go. To book an Ola without a telephone is easy, just obey these steps:

Please fill in the field on the leftside with your pick-up and drop-off places and when you need the taxi. You will receive a car price and pick-up times listing, so that you can select what best fits you. Cash will be displayed as the method of paying when booking - click on it to log in with the following steps:

At the command prompt, type your number. You will get an MTP on your mobile telephone which you type in here. It seems to be a one-time operation that has not been re-run for us, so the second times you try to reserve a taxi you probably won't need to log in again.

The cancellation feature (when trying to make the booking) in the computer browsers doesn't seem to work, and we mistakenly book three taxis at the same moment and then had to individually delete them via the app on our mobile then.

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