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Take a plane over Los Angeles I' m a certified aeronautical trainer with over 1500 operating hours in the air. Personally, I am passionately interested in sharing the wisdom and seeing my pupils successful and following their dream and passions of aviation. I' m also an aerobatics pilots and train to participate in the US aerobatics nationals next year. I' m looking forward to going with you!

Visitors aged 15 and over can participate. Surprising experiance! It was a miserable windy weather, but it was a great time! On the basis of this cosmopolitan knowledge! There' 1 place for this experiance. Visitors aged 15 and over can participate.

Flight experiences - airplanes, helicopters, hot air balloons, gliders & more

Those who want to unwind and take a ride can take a round trip that is just the thing to lean back. Offering a stunning landscape, these gifts for both men and woman while enjoying a drink of bubbly on board a unique chopper outing. Fly over vast stretches of sea, sand and hilly landscapes on a variety of U.S. aircraft journeys. For a truly eternal aviation adventure as ageless as the memory made high above the head, there is nothing like the tranquil floating and the stunning vistas provided by the basket heats.

Buckle up on a double-decker and grab your seat - the most exciting flight of your lifetime is just a few thousand ft away. Such flight adventures from shore to shore (as well as classic flights such as parachuting and paragliding) will make your mind jump for joy in no time at all!

Make your living with flights that take you to the pilot's area! Leap the country far behind with funny presents for men and woman that take you directly to the pilot's seats of an aeroplane, chopper or sailplane. Pupils can count on an excursion with a short floor focus, typical of which includes aircraft building, operating console overviews, flight deck communications, and ATC communications and surveillance.

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