Arctic Taxi

Artic Taxi

Turkey, AK Alaska in possession and operation. You can rely on us with many years of experiance, a large vehicle park and quick services. Commercial bank account are always welcome. Taxis charter is also possible. Timed phone call is welcome and we are willing to take you to all Fairbanks and near goals.

All our transport trucks are neat, safe and operational throughout the entire County of Fairsbanks, AK.

Taxi driver are available for your enquiry and are available to collect you for taxi services. Breakdown staff will immediately help you with your lockout problem or put your vehicle or lorry into use. We have a navy waiting to help you! Please call us today for a fast response.

If you need a cheap taxi or taxi to and from the airports, we are the transport operator you can call. You can also get reasonable lockout and starting fees. We are here as your local enterprise to help you in an emergencies and not to empty your paperback. Our belief is in good value for money and good customer care!

Arktic Taxi 930 Aspen St, Fairbanks, AK 99709

What you need to realise... it's a taxi company in Fairbanks. It'?s not a limousine company. At least once a week I take a taxi and get a new chauffeur every time. It' always a beautiful and fair trip. It took me 45 fucking taxi rides to find myself at West Plaza. 30 mins later I phoned back and inquired where the taxi was, I was informed that someone near me was being dispatched.

At this point I had 10 minute free days to get checked in at Warbelows Air before I would miss my plane. Somebody volunteered to give me a lift to get there on schedule and the taxi driver summoned me at 10:35 to look for me. By arranging a drive to the airfield, these boys came 15 minute too early, which made me miss my plane.

Whilst the deceased rider was empathic, the firm did not raise any concerns. On a Saturday evening at 9 pm I phoned this taxi and met a beautiful lady who took me to my goal. 2 hears later I phoned to make a trip back to the place I came from, and was informed by a very impolite man that my trip was on the way, and they would call me when they got there.

It was an hours later, I phoned and asked for an ETA, and they blow me away and laid me down. This taxi NEVER came to me and I went with King Alaska cab (Amazing ruling, I was collected within 15 min after my call). He showed up on schedule.

He showed up on schedule. Kind drivers, tidy taxis - I would highly commend their services to everyone in Fairbanks. At 0425 this morning, someone phoned the taxi in FMH's emergency room. It was very non-professional, not good at serving customers and above all impolite. That taxi rider seemed to be in a lot of a rush and shouldn't be in a support role if he doesn't know how to show good support.

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