Taxi Plate number

Taxisign number

Taxi and all other commercial vehicles have a yellow number plate, making it easier for the authorities to levy taxes and charges on motorways. You can find information on the numbering of taxi signs under the photos. If you are operating a taxi and want to carry paying passengers, you will need taxi plates for your vehicle.

What are New York City taxi signs like?

Was there a way for New York City to assign taxi signs? What is the meaning of the lower case character after the number plate? Allan Fromberg, the speaker of the taxi and limousine commission, and his fellow Members gave that answer:

Taximedallion number is also the number plate of the car. When the Ministry of Motor Vehicles launched new plate colours a few years ago, it resolved to press all recent records up to the letters "H" as the first plate in order to differentiate new from old one. "so the D.M.V. used it as the new "A.".

So, if an old sign in a taxi is 1T10A, and if that sign is missing, robbed or demolished and substituted by a new sign, the number would be 1T10H.

Actual licensee

The TLC licensors who are up to date and authorized to offer a TLC product are shown below. Licence holders can only render services if the TLC licence and the DMV licence (for drivers) and the DMV approval (for vehicles) are in good condition. New York State Driver Licence (NYS) and NYS Approved Vehicle, you may certify that the DMV License/Registration will not be suspended or withdrawn by checking the NYS DMV Status Listing here; any person on these listing will not be able to offer services.

The NYS DMV Status on this page is valid since yesterdays. So if you click on this button, you will be taken to a page with a list of dates that have been updated since the last day. The Street Hail Livery licenses: For information on the base locations that have acquired a SHL base endorsement as well as information on cars associated with a SHL approval, please refer to the list of standards under each licence group.

For a full listing of all SHL-related bases, approvals and rolling stock, see the Street Hail Livery Services section. The rental services must be organized on a TLC-licensed basis and must be provided by TLC-licensed chauffeurs in TLC-licensed cars. The Community Cars and Black Cars offer pre-arranged transport through New York City.

From small, neighbourhood-based businesses to large fleets offering city-wide services, these resorts number. Luxurious limousines offer customers throughout New York City a pre-arranged luxury transport. For information on the state of your FHA base, your TLC driver or your driver's license, please click on the appropriate links below.

Only OpenData is available for the list of FHV and driver licences. The Commuter Van Authorizations offer prepared transport to travellers throughout New York City on a scheduled and frequent service. For information on the latest state of your Commuter Van Authority, Commuter Van Vehicle or Commuter Van Driver License, please click on the appropriate links below.

The Paratransit bases offer prepared transport for disabled people. For information on the latest state of your Paratransit Base, your Paratransit Vehicle or your Paratransit Driving Licence, please click on the appropriate links below. Rolling stock associated with these authorisations can carry road hackers anywhere in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten Island, Northern Manhattan (north of W. Victoria St. and northern of E. Victoria St.) and Queens (except airports).

20 per cent of the licences are reserved for use with wheeled access cars. "NOTE: ALL St. Hail Livery permits MUST be mounted on a car and connected to a licenced base that has a St. Hail Livery Base endorsement to function". Currently, there are around 13,000 taxis available that allow the transport of passenger over hail of roads.

For information on the latest TLC driver's licence information, driver progress, barrier-free training progress and medals, please click on the appropriate links below. Below is a listing of companies that have been accredited by the TLC to provide e-hail service. eHail enables travellers to receive a New York taxi and Street Health Livery via electronic devices via mobile phone downloads ("apps").

To see a listing of non-affiliated cars, please click on the non-affiliated cars group. To see a complete open card listing for all For-Hire Base and Vehicle, please click on Open Card Lists for TLC Licensees. To see a listing of the points awarded for rental points and cars, please click on the button rental points and cars with penalty points.

Annual Interim Drug Testing Information: For a listing of TLC (Medallion, Street Hail Livery and For Hire Vehicle) drivers and the data for which they must perform their annual interim license anniversary test, please click here. Click on the Quick Start Guide to view and use the TLC Licensees currently listed.

To learn how penalties are awarded for FHV base and cars, please click on Guide to updated For-Hire Vehicle on the left.

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