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Curious about SriLankan Airlines. I was nominated in the category "Best Airline Blog". Airport inspection: From Paris-Charles de Gaulle, France (CDG) to Colombo, Sri Lanka (CMB)

Cinnamon Hotels is coordinating and sponsoring this journey and SriLankan Airlines (UL) is making the air traffic available so that we can begin our SriLankan journey on the right track. For me, this journey would be a group of three; a new carrier, a new land and a new one. This doesn't often occur in the airlines geekdome, but it does today.

Headquartered in Colombo, Sri Lanka, SriLankan serves European and Asian markets. You can also fly with American Airlines (AA), British Airways (BA), Cathay Pacific (CX), Finnair (AY) and Qatar (QR) to the different Sri Lanka gateway airports around the globe. We do not operate internal Sri Lanka services from Sri Lanka, but rather code-share with CinnamonAir, which operates amphibious aircraft through the area.

Enough of all this gibberish, let's speak about my experiences in Sri Lanka. When I arrived in Paris-Charles de Gaulle, France (CDG) on a British Airways (BA) Airbus 320 from London-Heathrow, England (LHR) and was rolled from Terminal 1, I saw my next ride: an Airbus A330-300 (333) in Sri Lanka (UL) paint.

It would be my first trip to Sri Lanka, so I was really excited. Rolling forever, we finally made it to Terminal 2 and got a hard stand. Finally we made it into the immigration hall, I was the only one who made a connection in Paris, as everyone else was on their way to the baggage claim.

I had to wait for ages and a single working days to make it through the safety and long corridors and lines, then in a coach and eventually to Terminal 1. The SriLankan app was on my cell but it wanted me to log in with a number I didn't have (I'm American Airlines (AA) Platinum), so I gave up the app.

Since I was acquainted with this aerodrome, I took off with another towed traveller to the lounge area in Terminal 1, who had eavesdropped on me as I told the watchman that I was going to Sri Lanka. With the free WiFi from the international airports I registered at Yes, I am now registered without a print or e-mail message, as the website check-in does not provide any.

On airlines, unless you use their application, you don't have a boardkicket to show on your mobile grr... Sometimes I really dislike it. After that was done, I was given entry and the agents made another call to make sure I could use the lounge.

I was asked for a boardkick et at the gates and I said to the fellow that I didn't have one and that I would get it from the operative and he let me by. They' re not Sri Lankan staff, they' re operatives. At some point I got a boardkick, but no changes of name.

It was not a good boarder because it was a very small area with over 200 persons. I flew other airlines from this airport and it is always the same problem. I was welcomed with Ayboyan by two companions who gathered their praying hand right under their chin.

They led me to remain on the right side of the aircraft returning and that I had a slot in the windows. As I chatted with my boyfriend and went back to my place, the hallway was already occupied by a woman who seemed restless; not a good thing.

When I did, this particular nobleman of France asked me if I could go from my windows to his place so that he could be seated with his woman. So I asked him what to do and he indicated a centre saddle, so I said no and seated down. Then it disturbed me and so I gave in and gave him my place in the windows.

Guys, pick your seating early. However, I went to my centre saddle and the woman in the hallway declined to stand up and let me in. and tell her to move. Then the captain came to the PA and said that the air travel would be 10:20 today.

Beautiful and long on a center sit; yo. While the demonstration I noted that when they showed the plane's fire doors they were using an Airbus40 instead of the Airbus30 we were using; oops... Sorry air line geek her. Too bad I didn't have my own windows to be able to enjoy it :).

Once take off and when we were on a cruising trip, the cabin crew gave out headphones, then a meal and then landings tickets for those in Sri Lanka. It is a combined Paris to Colombo and back game. When I was having supper, I was playing with the amusement system, which is a stylus display; I also had a connection for my mobile telephone via bus, which could also recharge my GoProcam.

Then I woke up, wait a little and finally the pair on the wrong side stood up and I went for a stroll and took a much needed rest. Found out there were a few sandwwiches in the back cabin, so I took a few and some soda and went back to my chair.

The majority of airlines have these refreshments during the flights. Finally I held one of the cabin crew and got me some EGB, that's the Ginger Beer. Airlines' dining hours are always interesting. It'?s the same on every plane. It may have got up once or twice during the ride, but I was too gross from sleep to take advantage of the chance to get up too.

So I asked the stewardess if I could keep my cover and he said yes. All airlines need one, I think, and it should be obligatory for all travelers to be able to read it :). By the way, SriLankan, I really enjoy the artwork.

It was a good ride all in all and despite my centre saddle I liked it. If I' m in stand-by mode, I'm usually in a centre saddle, so that was okay. Notice: This was a compliment from SriLankan Airlines.

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