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Researchers of the National Park Service discovered a litter of four mountain lion cubs. Find out about the daily app ranking, the ranking list, the ratings, the features and ratings of top apps such as goober's Taxi Service in the iOS Store. The carpool service is like Uber for the elderly.

Start-up entrepreneur Jay Connolly came up with the brainchild for Lift Hero from the experiences of his own familiy. There was a need for a service that would relieve the strain on relations and buddies, but this was not a regular taxi suit without a lot of feel for the elderly. Elevator Hero, which driver with own car announces, was called "Uber for seniors".

Most of the riders are in education to become physicians or other healthcare practitioners, so they have prior experience of older diseases and psychological disorders. Riders must have at least first responder certificate and undergo a special programme of instruction on supervised housing gear and emotionally sensitive problems. "It provides this additional measure of trust," says Connolly.

"A taxi is still an unfamiliar size and in fact taxi riders often prevent older people from going because they know it sometimes takes a little longer." Not only do they take older people where they need to go, but they also make sure they take care of their guests, help them shop and eat with them.

Before leaving and returning to California, she spent some quality training at Columbia University in New York City, where she studied medicine. The Lift Hero is part of the 2.0 Avging Inkubator, which has several other interesting start-ups under its belt, among them Lively, which makes an Internet-connected tablet cabinet, and True Link, which develops a debit key that can help elderly people prevent fraud and keep away from debts.

The Lift Hero is more costly than a traditional cabin, but not disturbing. Senior citizens may also require that a rider is just close by, which will cost $20 per incident. So far it has registered between 10 and 100 riders (Connolly refused to be more specific) and currently travels in San Francisco and the Palo Alto area.

CONNOLY LYD is hoping to continue expanding into California and is currently looking for riders. Organising a partial employee training programme is certainly a challenging task and like Uber, Mr Konnolly still has a number of problems to solve.

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