Taxi Price per Mile

Price of taxi per mile

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Passengers pay $2.75 tolls for all journeys from Boston itself to Logan Airport and the North Shore Community. Traveler doesn't pay tolls from Boston to East Boston without Logan Airport. Municipalities are not regarded as flat-rate municipalities and tariffs for these municipalities must be indicated on the meters.

Boston's districts.

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My recommendation is to print out and bring along the taxi price lists related to this and other topics, it's a good suggestion to have an estimation of what you should be paying for. The taxi driver can not calculate any other price than the price lists.

My spouse and I, however, had a problem with a taxi driving us from the Ling and Sons grocery shop back to the Amsterdam mansion in the lowlands (we took the coach to get to the store). I knew the ticket price was supposed to be about 7-8 bucks, but when we asked him how much it was after he had taken us off, he replied: "Whatever your mind says to you.â I take that as a chance that I don't know how much the ticket price is, and will give him more than the regular price, which makes me furious that he exploited the tourists' ingenuousness.

Asked him the same thing a second fucking time and then he said it was $8, but that was the only one we had any problems with cabs, the other cabmen were very good.

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