Taxi Racing Games

Taxicab Racing Games

Mad taxi racers, free and safe download. Check out our website to play Wild Wild Taxi or other great racing games! Enjoy the best taxi simulator on your smartphone now. Have you got the courage to drive a taxi in different cities and off-road environments?

Mad Taxi Racers - Download

3rd Taxi Racing Games. Taxi cabs are conceived for a convenient journey from one side of the cities to the other. However, the owner of these automobiles have chosen to organize taxi to drive through the downtown! Join a mad taxi racing competition, winning new automobiles and improving them to stay ahead of the group.

With 12 different cabs and 15 one-of-a-kind racing events, you won't be tired of this thrilling adventure. Designed for students and teens, men and women who enjoy small games. Hi-def graphic, action-packed game play, wide range of gaming functions, 3-dimensional graphic, high power, small filesize, ease of playing make this softwares different from other similar softwares on the marked.

Bus & Taxi Driving Simulator in the App Store

Put on your riding boots and start your new bus & taxi carreer! Take in and bring your guests to their destination on schedule and park your car cleanly on ever more complicated itineraries. 5 ICONIC WORLD TAXIS - from New York, London and more! 7 BIG BUSES - Car seem too simple?

Take on the challenges by driving a large coach! ? CLASSENGERS TO THE UP - take them quickly and effectively to their destination! Begin your carreer with legendary taxis from all over the planet and join the ranks of the world-famous long and big buses! No matter what you are driving, your job will be similar - collecting your guests and getting them to their destination quickly and securely.

They begin by riding legendary, easy to recognize cabs. Like a taxi rider in London in a renowned Black cabin, change to a Classic Yellow American Chequer cabin, visit some of Europe's favorites and more! Genuine and entertaining travel will make every journey an unforgettable one for you and your guests!

If you have enough taxi riding expertise, take the challenges of riding a big coach around some of the city's narrowest bends! Adhere to your routes and timetables, make sure you do not collapse with your people! Complete any New York Express missions with the New York Coach, Coaches, London Coach, Classic Yellow School Coach, and giant Bendy Coach!

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