Private Hire Driver

Rent a private driver

Rent a private driver In order to become a private hire driver, you must review and fill in the information in the package, which can be obtained from the Civic Centre in Ashford or the Town Hall in Tenterden or sent to you by mail. Please send an e-mail to the license registration staff for more information or to receive a package. If I want to become a private driver (PHD), what do I do? Send an e-mail to the licence staff to request a package to be sent to you or collect it from the Civic Centre in Ashford or Town Hall in Tenterden. How do I become a licenced driver?

Fill in the request forms, the driver's license verification request and the DBS forms. Then you have three month to file your MD, successfully take the hands-on test VDSA and successfully take your oral exams. Personally by arrangement at the Civic Centre in Ashford or Town Hall in Tenterden.

As soon as your request has been dealt with, you will be notified of the date and hour of your visit to the Civic Centre. There is an oral test (30 minutes) with a license holder to verify the road rules, your comprehension of the information in the package and some very fundamental skills about the area.

You may want to send an e-mail to the license staff to ask for a callback from a license agent before you apply. If I have points on my driver's license, will that affect my claim? When you have more than six points on your license, please send an e-mail to the license staff before logging in. I' m registered in another county and can I use an Ashford registered car?

You will need a Ashford driver's license to operate a car registered by us. For how long do I need a driver's license before I can start applying? Could I immediately start as a driver of the Hackney? As a rule, you must be a private rental driver for 6 month.

Which means a private setting driver test involveIt is a hands-on driver test similar to a driver test. They are used to make sure that new cabbies are able to drive to a level of professionalism that is a minimal one. Where can I make a reservation for a cab test? If you wish to use another provider, please send an e-mail to the license staff to verify that the test is acceptable before making the reservation.

Schedule a cab ride evaluation on-line (The Blue Lamp Trust website). Must I take the practice test at Ashford? When you can give us your latest certification and evidence that you are in the updating process, we can verify this on-line and you do not need to fill in a new application card.

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