Sky Cab Airport

Skycab Airport

Obtain Skycap and other ground based airport job descriptions, payment information and more. You can save time at the airport by checking in your luggage and getting a boarding pass on the curb. How Sky Cap could be your best airport boyfriend - Blog

Airport routes - is there any less enjoyment? But if you give up your pockets, you don't have to wait around. Simply speak to your kind Sky Cap on the curb. You may never have gone to the trouble of using their service, either because you don't know what they represent, or because you know, and you don't think the additional costs are really valuable.

Nowadays, however, when the airlines charge high rates for hold baggage, baggage drop-off points can be a painful place, full of angry travellers trying to find out how to wrap their baggage or fighting with the boys behind the desks because the thought of spending $100 to bring a pile of clothing to their destinations makes them angry and they have said goodbye to their souls.

If necessary, make your pocket money payment on-line (it will help to overcome the stickershock before arriving at the airport, you have enough to do on the travelling day) and simply hand everything in at the kerb. While you haven't heard it here, a skycap is usually a little more forgiving than the airline's agents, if your pockets accidentally exceed the weightscale by a few pounds, or if you're a centimeter or two above the default 62-inch threshold, the pockets will be subject to an additional "oversize" surcharge.

Your simple service can help you do more than just saving your precious valuable work. The best part is that most carriers don't levy kerbside fees for check-in (some still do, but it's minimized, see chart). Obviously, whether there is a levy or not, it is definitely customary to give your Skycap $2 per pocket or more. And, for heaven's sakes, tip - these boys could use the additional dough: The average hours of a skin cap are somewhere between your average miserable average and $10 an honest one.

Moreover, they are not salaried by air carriers, so they do not benefit from the trade unions' protection granted to air carriers' staff. To see which carriers provide Skype Cap service - and what other savings in kerb times are available - click on our convenient map.

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