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Hubschrauber-Rental Great Britain Prices

Helicopter charter positioned throughout Great Britain . FAQ on chartering helicopters and jets Since there is a large selection of privately owned planes available for charters, the associated cost also varies greatly depending on the airplane dimensions, cruising distance, duration and position needed to bring the airplane to the starting point and back to the ground. The VLJ (Very Light Jet) carries 4 people in a cab which is similar in dimensions to a business vehicle.

Extremely lightweight jet planes will make trips from 1 to 3 hours and the average charge is 1200-£1500 ($1800-$2300) per hour. However, the price of a jet will be 1,500-£1500 ($1800-$2300) per second. For example, 4 travellers from London to Cannes for a long week-end in a Very light jet (Citation Mustang or similar) would be about £14,000. The Citation CJ2 is a lightweight jet that can carry up to 7 persons and, according to the number of persons on the plane, can operate for between 3 and 4 hours at an average fare of 1800 per hour. Every passenger can take up to 7 people.

Medium sized planes such as the Citation Excel and Lear 45 can transport between 8 and 9 passenger and have an average charge of around 2500 per hour and 3900 per second. Medium sized aircrafts are often used for travel with 4 to 6 passenger on up to 4hrs.

London to Athens would be a characteristic area for a medium-sized aeroplane. Big cabinet planes cover a relatively broad spectrum of costs from planes like the Gulf Stream G200 to the Global XRS and Gulf Stream G650. Larger cabins usually travel 6 hours + up to 13 hours at a charge of around 4000.00 to 6000.00 per hour based on the airplane's dimensions and area.

Big cabinner sector usually costs £30k+. One way fare for a large stateroom from London to New York would typically be 45k with 9-10 people onboard. The majority of privately-held jets are not liable to value-added taxes, as they are usually excluded from British fiscal sovereignty.

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