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A to B Charter - Chartered Helicopter Services and Transfer - Sydney - Blue Mountains Newcastle, Bathurst and Nowra are the tour guides within one hours flying distance (radius) from Sydney Airport. BELLS 206 LONGRANGER (VH-ZMF) - AU$1980. GST included. 00 per lesson (Min. fee: $1000 for 30 minutes) - GST included.

or part of it after the first lesson. Airport Sydney (Macquarie) / AirServices (Government) Moving and navigational fee including per hours.

The Bell 206 is the world's most recognized helicopter for all your general and business charters, as well as movie and photo needs. The company has established more aviation sector highs than any other aeroplane in the globe and has the best security rating of any helicopter in the sector. Driven by a Rolls-Royce Model thruster, the Longranger offers space for up to six occupants plus driver.

At a cruising rate of 110kts (203km/h) and a cruising distance of over 300nm (555km) with reserve, our company-owned longranger will get you and your customers to your destinations quickly, stylishly and comfortably. The Longranger's strength and flexibility also make it the helicopter of choice for TV, movie and photography specialists around the globe.

Renowned worldwide for its robustness, dependability and ease of use, this airplane has become the most beloved turboprop helicopter of all times since its inception. Airport Sydney (Macquarie) / AirServices (Government) Moving and navigational fee including per hours. The MD500 helicopters are often referred to as the helicopter world's sport car for quick chartering and all your photography needs.

Equipped with great gear and a flawless genuine cowhide finish, we run the only MD500E in Sydney. The MD500E is propelled by a Rolls-Royce model turbojet and offers space for up to four occupants and pilots. However, we do not recommend more than 3 persons for long-haul charters.

GST included. or a portion thereof after the first lesson plus a Sydney Airport (Macquarie) / AirServices (Government) transportation and navigational fee of $80 (GST included). With its slim styling and stunning performance, our model is a good choice for those who want a more affordable solution than the long-range model R206....

With an open flight deck, the visibility of the plane is extraordinary, as each (leather) seating is located next to a small windows, making it very attractive for passengers..... Driven by a Lycoming 0-540 motor, the Robinson R44 has also become one of the most loved lightweight choppers of all times.

Notice: Our helicopter R44 was delivered brandnew with the now prescribed bubble type petrol tank. The Sydney Olympics Illustrated (Olympische Spiele von Sydney), Microsoft, Granada TV, NBC, ITV, Macquarie Bank, Bunnings, Goodman Property Group, The Australia Jockey Club (AJC), Kodak, Hewlett Packard, American Express, The Lifestyle & Discovery Channels, Fremantle Media, The BBC, Channel 7 9 & 10, Fairfax, Optus, Vodaphone, News Ltd et The Royal Australian Navy um nur einige zu nenen....

Prices above apply only to air photographs/film work and general charters, i.e. point A to point bird charters or air surveying.....

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