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Several companies have dubious taximeters that are manipulated so that they can jump quickly, but both Linh Taxi and Vinasun Taxi can be trusted. Taxis, however, are mainly used in large cities and urban areas where the inhabitants have a higher standard of living. Getting a Taxi in Vietnam It' s a little different in Vietnam when you move for someone who comes up to you than in the occident. Instead, you should use your whole wrist. In order to move for someone, point your wrist outwards and place your hands shallow with the hand down.

Lean your finger to yourself as if you were trying to grasp something without using your finger.

Obtaining a taxi should be quite similar; simply lift your arms, squeeze your hands flat and flex your finger towards you. As a matter of fact, there are only two serious taxi businesses in Vietnam: When you are stranded with a second-rate firm, you need to make sure the counter is working, as less than sincere taxi drivers often have trouble reminding themselves to click the tool.

If you are guiding your rider, it is best to open your target in Google Maps so he can see it. It' not a bad idea to keep it open for the length of your journey to make sure you go to Binh Thanh and not Ben Thanh Market. One much more enjoyable way to find your way around the town of your choosing is to ride Xe Om or a motorcycle taxi.

Both Uber and Grab run a car fleet that is generally slightly less expensive than the most prestigious taxi operators. When you don't have your own bicycle, these are the best means of transport in the Vietnamese city. Connect your target and order a drivers.

Advice on Safer Taxi Driving in Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh City Forum

These are our hints from our recent experiences with taxis in Vietnam. May Linh was unfaithful to us in Da Nang, so we completely avoid it. Please take a mobile phone with you ( in Vietnam there is free of charge satellite navigation - no WLAN required). Find the direction where you want to go before you get in the taxi.

You can use the Global Positioning System (GPS) feature to see if you are being correctly ridden or just to tell your rider that you are not a naïve traveller who can defraud. Investigate how cabs can trick you - be an educated traveller to prevent it! By chance, if you have a good and sincere chauffeur, ask him for his ticket to call him again.

If your riders are sincere and good, please give them encouragement and thanks for their honesty and give them good tips.

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