Learjet 40

Lear jet 40

Learjet 40 (LJ40) is a light business jet from Bombardier Aerospace. The Lear 40XR, like its siblings, is a jet that deserves the hype. Class 40 specifications, number of passengers, seats, cabin dimensions, payload, range, fuel capacity, landing distance speed, ZFW. It' called Learjet 40XR.


Learjet 40 (LJ40) is a lightweight Bombardier Aerospace commercial aircraft. Learjet 40 is based on Learjet 45, but has a shortened hull (24.5 inches/60 cm ) and is propelled by two Honeywell TFE731-20ARs. 40 models play with the Learjet lightweight Learjet in the Learjet range, with several welcome enhancements in power and convenience taken from the 45 series.

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Learjet Bombardier 40XR Descriptions

Learjet is a real competitor in the highly-competitive private aircraft world. His cruising speeds, cabins and technology advances are greater than those of other lightweight personal aircraft. From Chicago to San Francisco or from Singapore to Hong Kong, the flight reach enables non-stop travel that few other lightweight personal aircraft can offer.

The Learjet 40XR, launched in 2006, is a 40 and 45 size model, with enhancements in power, rate of ascent and approximate travel times. Learjet 40XR's cab is very competitively priced in its category. Its length is 17.7 ft, width 5.1 ft and elevation 4.9 ft, which corresponds to a cabvolumen of 363 cbm.

Outside luggage space can accommodate 50 cbm of luggage, and there is an extra 15 cbm of internal space, a front cupboard and a refrigeration centre. Learjet 40XR also serves well in the skies. Up to 1,617 sea mile it can be flown non-stop and take off at 5,090 ft at high altitude.

When it is laden to its 21,000 pound max take-off mass, it can take off at ocean height from a 4,680-foot airstrip. In spite of the high speed of the Learjet 40XR, it is relatively fuel-efficient thanks to an aircraft's low air resistance winglet and two Honeywell TFE731-20-BR 3,500 lb Honeywell low power turbofans.

Learjet 40XR's developers have put a great deal of emphasis on designing the electronics in an easy-to-use, logic lay-out that makes the pilot's life much simpler - and every single trip much more secure. Learjet 40XR distinguishes itself in the lightweight jet market, probably because of its famous inheritance.

The Lear 40XR, like its siblings, is a plane that earns the hoop.

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