Learjet 31

Learjet 31

Learjet 31 is a high-speed twin-engine, twin-engine business jet of American production. For those who are not familiar with Learjets, their name is synonymous with speed. Learjet 31 honoured both the heritage of the pocket rocket and the Spartan cabin spirit. More than 2,300 Learjets have been built and are used worldwide as company jets.

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Learjet 31 is a high-speed twin-engine, twin-engine commercial aircraft of American production. Made by Learjet, a Bombardier Aerospace affiliate, to replace the Learjet 29, it seats eight people and two mates. LJ31's maiden voyage took place on 11 May 1987. Learjet version no. 32A was launched in October 1990.

AlliedSignal' (now Honeywell) EFIS system, and a redesign of the dashboard. A Learjet 31ER with extended reach was made. 200. 32A was shipped in October 2000[1] The last 32A was shipped with series number 32A-242 on October 1, 2003.

In 1990 the Learjet 30A was heralded as a substitute. There were many changes to the Type-31A, but the most remarkable were in the dashboard. Major enhancements and upgrades to the aircraft's 32A dashboard and electronics include: a Bendix King (now Honeywell following the Allied Signal merger) Electronic Information System 50 with Universal 1M, 1B and 1C aircraft information system, a KFC 3100 two-axle auto-pilot and KFC 3100 twin-axle aircraft pilot and aircraft steamer as well as Bendix King (radios supplied to Chelton Electronics when Allied Signal was merged with Honeywell) VCS-40A com unit, VN-411B Series III unit, VCS-40A com unit, VN-411B Series III unit.

Bombardier Learjet 31A to sell

A Learjet with a maximum cruising distance of 1,340 nm, the Learjet31A light aircraft replaces the Learjet31 with a number of new features, particularly on the front end console. Normal Cruise Speed KTAS: Load capacity - Full LBS fuel: Reach - Seats Full N.M.: Floating costs per hour $: LBS useful fuel: What is the fare for a Bombardier Learjet 32A?

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