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True Taxi is a one-stop transit application that meets all your transportation needs. True Taxi Software ????

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True Taxi is a one-stop transit application that meets all your transport needs. Reserve a taxi and indulge in a quicker and easier taxi reservation adventure. Simply touch a single knob and a taxi will reach you within a few moments. Don't be afraid of your driver's security as they are professional educated and the taxi training is under strict control to give you the great driving outdoors!

It is also possible to make a reservation for a trip in the nearer future. Just browse and get a True Taxi and you' ll feel secure and at home.

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INFRACom, Blue Zero One!

taxis set out to defy conventions and to inspire the sense with a singular combination of inspiring singing, acoustical instrumentation and electronics. With his début record "blue zero one" on infoCom! records. deeply anchored in dancing tradition, taxi makes chill-out songs with a tune and a slogan.

The new taxi record "blue zero one" defies conventions and doesn't fit lightly into any contemporary category or stylistic category, but one thing is for sure - this is an exceptionally pretty record, packed with some of the most inventive, imaginative, intelligent yet sexual tunes you'll find this year.

taxi's'blue zero one' will take you on a voyage through the world of dance, music, dance, music, dance, music, dance, music, dance, music, dance, music, jazz, house, soul, soul, soul, blues and more... with the tempting and emotional singing of yoel at the helm, and the intense power of the pulsing generation motor of popul coul and simple lovejoys, you are assured an unforgettable experience.

Comparing Portshead, Luft and heavy attacks are evident, but pay close attention...and influence from giants like marvin...gaye, Larry Heart and Della Fittzgerald are evident in this orginal and one-of-a-kind record. "The " blues zero one " is the first publication of taxi on inforacom! and combines 12 tracks that have been composed over a time span of almost 10 years. Already now they are making a splash in the fancy subterranean scene of paradise and Tokio, Taxi promises a journey you shouldn't miss this year. jo laundy: voice, texts, feeling, swings. blues zero one...the songs: yes it's true - "Fast Track to the Top Floor Assition, Dream, desire.

Minimum vocals hit Downbeat Downstage Deephouse in this Funk Offstage Cuts. Peoples Come Racing - with almost impeccable review in the worldwide musical media, this wonderful ball combining classical songwriting with future productions. No Way Speak - a Funk contrabass relies on Scum and Joe added'the Sexy' in this London groove with Saxony and Acting.

teufel - a cautious story narrated with elegance.... is this profound spark without the drum? swinging accords, obscure impulses, low string and rhodes-licks merge with joel's singing to create something extra. take what you want - easy, but funny. this groove develops into a throbbing highlight that will definitely bring your grandma to the dance ceiling! depend on me - taxi go large on the layers and take this tune to the third dimension. listen to me!

another sunday - an incoherent groovy creates a paranoid mood in this extraordinary tune about the days in the lives of drugs dealers. Negro and blues - a spooky line of trumpets, a plain groovy and a provocative theme make up a contemporary work. lovingfool - reconstructed rhythm and beat with a really fantastic voice from Joe creates something that is both nice and unique. Where does the name taxi come from? We thought taxi was a good option because it would take you on a trip - hopefully that's what it does. What is your precise role (DJ, producer)?

have you had a background in electronics? simulation has been at the forefront of the uk subway technology world since the end of the has played host to tens of different groups across the globe at countless gigs...their agent of choice plays host online.... there' s nothing more fun for her than making it in front of an audience. How did you begin and when? The first record of simulation was published in 1990/91 - under the name Picknick-Suite - he was inspire to make great sound after having played rock and roll around in bars like the spotlight, the legendary Café de France.

Since his youth he has been making musical instruments and has been engaged in several musical ventures. Early successes with the rock act and a contract with a publisher have kept him alive. jo found her vocal at the academy where she studied literary and philosophical studies. She has always been engaged in living musical work.

taxis gave her the opportunity to improve her abilities in the gym. What kind of kind of stuff did you hear before? I think it would be hard for you to find three guys with a more diverse taste in music...some rhythm, some voices, some blues, something jazzy, ambient...maybe that's why taxis sound like they do!

How would you describe your own kind of musical and stylistic expression? Are there particular features? A lot of space...subversive there something you want to accomplish with your musical expression, if so, what? We all believe that Taxi is an smart venture that generates an emotive reaction from those who hear it.

It is a work of charity to which we are all dedicated. It is evidence that three people with very different background can come together as a group and make nice musical pieces.......

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