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With Uber or Taxi in Indonesia - Java Forum Hi All, I am asking a query about the use of Uber Or Grab Taxi in Indonesia. Did any store have Uber Or Grab in Jakarta / Bogor & Puncak / Bandung / Yogyakarta / Bali / Lombok? There' s a cab named BlueBird there, too, anybody involved? What is the town outside this town with which you do not need a tour leader to get to most places so that we can use the taxi from Uber Or Grab (e.g.

from / to Jakarta airport)?

What is the town where you need a tour leader (not a taxi) and where you can better handle a tourist agency? Thank you, Uber and other Indonesian apartments are not permitted to collect travellers from airport, railway station, hotel, shopping mall or community building where taxi stands are available.

Speaking for myself, I do not use them and would rather be supporting legitimate taxi businesses. Never think about using over or grave on Bali, your taxi operator may be bothered by other locals. About or any kind of on-line taxi are not welcome in most areas. He demanded 5 (50.000) rupees more, because of the long way, fair enough, I still save 50-70 dollars.

I' ll try to get to Geminyak later with a slash. Anyone asks, tell them you hired a personal chauffeur. Tomb is my primary tool for the fitness studio. Are you still allowed to use Sakata Airport?

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