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Define Air Taxi

A taxi operator operates on demand and does not have the scheduled flight qualifications of a commuter. Air taxi flights will be relatively expensive for an airline or a charter plane ticket, since air taxi tickets are usually sold until the time in the plane and no longer the seats used. Current samples for Flighttaxi from the Web Earlier, they were dropped off June 22 by an air taxi operators at Sanford Glacier Airfield less than 2 miles from where the solids were found, the Agency said. Parks official said the two were planning to walk from the stream, across the Dadina Plateau and end up at the Dadina stream where an air taxi would pick them up June 27.

Her equipment was found near the place where the pair was deposed by an air taxi company on June 22, the agent said. Although it may not be that accumulator technologies are a limitation issue, production is likely to be - mainly because a sustained air taxi system that depends on economy of size requires tens of millions of aircraft to fly as fast as possible.

Call a taxi in Cruz Bay, St. John's capital, and then work your way through the night on the Cinnamon Bay Trail, a two-mile round tour starting near ancient ruined plantations. This year Bell presented its air taxi cab system for the first time at the CES. Airbus invented the savage look for its air taxi.

The air taxi, which is suitable for four people, would have the ability to take off and land vertically, similar to that of a heli. The sample phrases are chosen from various on-line message resources to represent the actual use of the term "air taxi". Why did you go looking for an air taxi? Join America's biggest lexicon and get tons more free definition and extended ads!

Definition and significance of air taxis

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