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Taxibetrieb Run - Online game Taxibetrieb Run spielen Take your taxi through the street while avoiding arrest by the local authorities. You use your weapon to kill the bulls that are after you. Eliminate street placed nukes and the random carload of monsters trying to run you over. It is one of our most popular portable actions that we need to be playing.

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Taxis to the crowds in the centre of Moscow

On Saturday a taxi went into a throng near Moscow's Red Square and injured eight passengers, among them two Mexicans in the town for the FIFA Women's Cup Russia is organizing, said officers and contemporary witnesses." It happened when inhabitants and footballfans from all over the word crashed the centre of Moscow on a warm summerside.

The Moscow Transport Administration said that the taxi cab holder had obtained a driving licence in Kyrgyzstan, a mainly Moslem former USSR state. They quoted the rider who was in policing detention when he said he had not intentionally gone into the crowd. They said that he had been in the car for a long time. Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said in a posting on Twitter:

"There' been an awkward situation with a taxi. Drivers were losing complete command of the car. "Municipal law enforcement officials said they had opened a penal inquiry into allegations of road safety violations. The Moscow Ministry of Health published a declaration saying that eight were injured and taken to hospitals.

According to the Moscow message, two female Mexicans were slightly wounded. Among the wounded were also one Ukranian and two Russians citizen, the Russia press agent TASS referred to a resource in the rescue service, as she said. Watching the event reported on post on social networks, the tape showed that the Hyundai's Hyundai's yellow taxi was being pulled out of a row of stationary lines, accelerating and mounting the small sidewalk littered with footpaths.

Some of the taxi came to a standstill after it hit a roadshield. Immediately after those around tried to open the driver's side doors, the rider, clothed in a pair of shorts and a tar top, leapt out and ran away. The Moscow public transportation company twittered a photo of the place of the incident after the ambulance had just recently landed.

An eyewitness at the crime scenes said that some of the individuals involved wore Mexico club colours. On Sunday, Mexico will face Germany in their first World Cup game against Germany in Moscow's Luzhniki Stadion, and there will be tens of millions of Mexican supporters in the city. Another eyewitness at the crime scene was telling Reuters about the taxi driver:

Describes the driver's action, she said: The only reason he was pulled over was because he came across a roadster. It remained in the vehicle, they came to him, said, what are you doing, slapped him in the face, he opened the doors and tried to run away. "It' s frightening that it was in the centre (of Moscow) and I was right across the street," she said.

The Interfax press quoted a sources that said that the rider was intoxicated at the moment of the event. An Interfax quoted health care provider said that none of the persons admitted to the hospital were seriously wounded. Russia's officials have promised to organise a World Cup in safety in 11 towns by 15 July.

Following a series of events in Europe's towns and cities using human mowing machines, the Moscow city centre has seen the installation by the public administration of large block slabs of cement over pedestrian inlets. Moscow Transport on Twitter published a copy of what was said was the taxi driver's licence.

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