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To search for discounts, use our Empty Leg Flight Locator. Empty flight refers to the return flight that pilots must complete on a one-way flight after the passengers have been dropped. Please click here to search for available disposable vehicles.

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Among the many benefits of privately operated air travel is the possibility of saving cash by reserving an empty flight. Empty flight means the flight back that the pilot must complete on a one-way flight after the passenger has disembarked. As a rule, there are many empty cross-country trips that can be booked on a particular date.

One of the major advantages of reserving an empty flight is that you can often reserve the flight at a much lower cost than on a conventional privately owned one. Before you do, however, it is important to fully appreciate the issues that could influence your flight. Origin flight and flight duration - One-way flight usually requires re-positioning to your point of origin.

Your flight should be flight timed to allow sufficient flexibility to reposition the airplane, dependent on the initial flight. So what happens if the initial flight is cancelled? Since your idle flight is basing on the flight plan of the initial traveller, the later price structure and flight plan availabilities may not be known until your depart.

When the initial battle is aborted, the empty leg flight is no longer available. If this is the case, you may still be able to make a last-minute one-way booking. This flight may not be available at the initial idle price. An empty route price is not warranted, as there are many influencing price levels.

What is the best date to reserve an empty leg? When you are on a busy timetable for your trip, an empty stage travel may not be the right route choice. In general, an empty leg is perfect for travellers who are able to flex their legs in real times.

New website for the global air transport charters industry will allow airlines and brokerage firms to track their idle trips when searching for cargo returns.

New website for the global air transport charters industry will allow airlines and brokerage firms to track their idle trips when searching for cargo returns. "It' s timely that charters are permitted and encouraged to bring their empty-legged flight directly to the general audience, where anyone can make face-to-face contacts and do deals.

It is the concept that anyone can search for a flight free of charge and then directly interoperate with the registrated carrier or brokers. Ludick added: "Our plattform allows the subscriber to register in less than one minutes, fill in the details of the respective idle flight and click on send.

User and sign up for free flight notification e-mails to choose where they want to go, from where they want to travel, the earliest and latest flight date group, either for freight or passengers travel. Flyemptyleg.com does not receive any fee from a charters firm as the site managers have "decided to stay autonomous and transparent".

Booked companies must make a "nominal annuity " payment to advertise their business and listing their idle services. Ludick said: "We have chosen to show all the flight listings of the airline in an open way so that everyone in the whole wide globe can search for a flight without having to sign up, which can sometimes be very inconvenient.

"Furthermore, we have chosen not to reveal the real detail of each plane (apart from model and size) on the website, which promotes some level of confidentiality and confidentiality and gives the charters a distinct edge over the competition.

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