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Air Book Pro

This guide provides the essential information for every Mac Apple has to offer. Top offers for Apple iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini Developed for near -quiet computing, the McBook is your ally. You won't be able to listen to anything while your McBook works really hard. What's more, you'll be able to work with your computer in the background. In order to integrate one of them into the AppleBook, Apple has redesigned a keypad from the bottom up - complete with each button and its basic mechanics.

Force Touch tracks. Force Touch Trackpads print sensor features let you tell your AppleBook what to do due to slight print variations.

You can click anywhere to take a multitude of action in different applications on the same interface without touching a single thumb. The Taptic Engine provides tactile response that gives a tactile feel to what you see on the display. Multitouch gesture makes interacting with your MacBook simple and fun.

Allows up to 32GB of RAM to run several professional applications. Breathtaking retina screen with True Tone Technologie. Great Achievement. The MacBook Pro takes your laptop to a whole new dimension of power and mobility. No matter where your inspiration takes you, with powerful processor and logic, progressive visuals, incredibly quick memories and more, you'll get there quicker than ever before.

Now Apple has coupled every single graphic processor with 4GB of GDDR5 by default storage, giving you smooth, real-time computing for professional applications such as rendered 3-D tracks in Final Cut Pro X. The 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar includes high-performing built-in 128MB of built-in DRAM - twice as much as the last-generation - which speeds up your work.

The MacBook Pro comes with a solid-state disk that' surprisingly quick, enabling up to 3.2GB/sec throughput. A 15-inch version is available with up to a 4TB memory stick (SSD), and a 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar is available with up to a 2TB memory stick (SSD) - enough room to carry your largest data sets, such as large picture books or movie productions.

So you can start up in no time, start several applications or start importing large data sets. The Apple T2 smart card encrypts everything in no time at all, making it the most powerful portable device of all time. MacBook Pro comes in both formats with up to four connectors, so you can do it all from both sides.

More ways to be prolific. Replacing the feature keys that were on top of your keypad for a long time, the Touch Bar offers something much more powerful and flexible. Trusted gesture makes the Touch Bar easier to use. Touch Bar changes according to the application you are using and brings these key combinations forward and center.

Third parties can also take full benefit of the advantages of the Touch Bar. You get the most. You can use Apple Pay to make safe shopping experiences securely over the Internet. Even switching between different people - all at the tap of a button. Easy to use for your eye. MacBook Pro's retina screen is the best ever on a Mac laptop.

The 13- and 15-inch Touch Bar versions have True Tone functionality. The MacBook Pro delivers a wonderfully detailed, rich tone that lets you hear new volumes with broad dynamics and more low for maximal boost. Your desktop has now become even softer. MacBook Pro 13- and 15-inch touch bar MacBook Pro phones now include a keypad with a smoother feel.

The roomy Force Touch turntable gives your finger ample room for gestures and clicks. and © 2016 Apple Inc. Retina. There' never been a change in the concept behind iMac: to create the ultimative desktopscape. Best screen, coupled with powerful processor, graphic and memory - all in an unbelievably slim, smooth chassis.

5 inch iMac with Retina 4K screen. The result is the most impressive iMac viewing ever - and another big, nice leap forward. It' more than just a screen, it's a premonition. No matter how you judge the performance of a screen, Retina is in a league of its own. Pixels are so dense that you won't see a thing when you use iMac.

Integrating the retina into the iMac range took an unbelievable amount of technical effort. Neat and stylish, the iMac with Retina screen is a stylish complement to your workplace and represents a wide range of technologies at the peak of style. Keep your favorite applications, docs, and photographs on your fastest memory, while move rarely used elements to your disk.

A brand new keyboard, Mouse 2 and Trackpad 2 have been revamped to make every experience look fantastic. Coupled with the iMac, they work together with Magie. With Force Touch now, you can push a little lower and do a whole bunch more on a bigger clickable interface.

As well as being intuitively simple and simple to use, it's built to take full benefit of the retina screen, so you can see everything on your desk with breathtaking clarity. Whatever your needs, you'll find it's all there. All the things you want on your iMac. Certain functions need iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan.

and © 2015 Apple Inc.

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