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October is the month when Apple often introduces new Macs. New MacBook Air has more graphics power than it seems at first glance. MacBook Air comes with eighth generation CPU (report) Apple's ageing MacBook Air could soon be updated. By the end of 2018, the corporation will introduce a new, low-cost notebook with Intel's latest Kaby Lake 8th-generation processor, according to a new review. That would be a significant advance over the 5th-generation Intel processor in the latest MacBook Air and 7th-generation chip in the 12-inch MacBook.

MacBook Air is not mentioned by name in the article, but it suggests that the MacBook Air will have a 13-inch retina screen and a start value of less than $1,000 - two features for which Apple's cheapest notebook is known. Whilst Apple's next inexpensive MacBook could be a big leap ahead of the latest Air, it could also hide behind the rival.

Intel's Kaby Lake processor will be a year old this autumn, and Intel's more capable Whiskey Lake processor could find its way to new laptop computers when the new MacBook Air comes onto the market. As Apple's September upcoming Apple is likely to be one of the new iPhones, the company's next Macs are due to appear in October at a special show featuring an updated 12-inch MacBook, a new Macmini, and the new MacBook Air.

Apples hasn't announced any plan for their latest Macs yet, but we should know more this year. Mike Andronico, a pious gamers and technology fan, came to the laptop squad in July 2013.

Apple's new MacBook Pros feature the latest Intel processor and lower-noise keyboard.

Today, Apple is upgrading its world-class MacBook Pros with newer processor models, more setup choices, True Tone screens, and a more " silent " keypad desig. Upgrades will not resolve all issues that have arisen with the MacBook Per product line in recent weeks. The 15-inch Apple says the 15-inch will have a 70 per cent improvement in power, and the 13-inch should be doubled in haste.

And the only laptop computers that get upgrades are the most pricey ones, the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pros with touch bars. MacBook Pro's 13-inch basic MacBook version (which has made the MacBook Escape call the MacBook Escape because it has a true Esc key) is not updated. Also, there are no MacBook or MacBook Air upgrades.

On the Pro model, these upgrades are more than just specification spectaculars for the latest CPU. MacBook Pro 15-inch gets the more stunning dent. Top Line CPUs can run at 2.9GHz with Turbo Boost up to 4.8GHz, and Radeon Pros are available as the GPU with 4GB of built-in movie cache.

One fully specified 15-inch design will cost an eye-catcher of $6,699, but the basic design will hold the same cost as before at $2,399. This 13-inch version is equipped with quad-core iT5 or iT7 processors with up to 2.7GHz / 4.5GHz Turbo Boost Clocks. Here, too, the basic version remains unchanged at $1,799.

And Apple says it doesn't change its estimated lifetime for these engines. Apple of course still thinks touch screens are an horror on laptop computers. MacBook products are also officially released for the MacBook Professional line after the same line was introduced last year for the 12-inch MacBook. These MacBook Pros have a different keypad layout, but not as many had hoped.

It' Apple called it a'third-generation button keyboard', but the most important difference between these laptop computers and the last is that they are softer. At best, I can tell you that the keypad looks a little less rickety than recent MacBooks, even though the keystroke is the same. We asked the Apple delegates at the meeting how exactly the keypad was modified to make it softer, and they refused to specify that.

yesterdays briefing was similar to Apple's December launch of iMac Pro: visitors were flew in to discuss how they use their Macs. When we talked about speed and feed rates, we spend a lot more quality browse around listening to tales about how these geeks use their Macs. It' s part of how Apple talks about the Mac lately: duplicating the notion that it is a great professional resource and persisting that it has a brilliant tomorrow.

In summary, it felt like a full-blown legal lab to make sure the Apple still works for the Mac news gets through. They are perhaps trying to think that Apple protested too much, but there were real queries on the subject. There' s a lot of things that have made the Mac loyal: the prolonged period of time between Mac products being updated, the recent problems with MacBook keyboarding, and most importantly, the company's focus on the iPhone.

Upgrading the top animal Mac notebooks is helping to alleviate these anxieties, and we will be anxious to put these new machinery through its paces once we get inspection crews. However, we are even more interested in Apple doing something with the remainder of the line-up. This was the 13-inch MacBook Air, a notebook that for years was the best computer for most to use.

And Apple has dedicated itself to the Mac for pros.

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