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Verify flight ticket

Airlines Ticket It is possible to modify the route, the performing carrier, the pricing base and the valid-to date at the customer's option. Pricing and cancellations are subject to different pricing and location policies, so if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask your point of sales or carrier. In order to modify your ticket, please consult the point of sales, as the current legislation may differ according to the tariff conditions and the point of sales.

Ticket for foreign flight must be confirmed by the point of sale and the price calculated. Therefore 2-3 working day are needed (take into account different time). When the ticket can be exchanged, price differences, taxes and charges may apply according to the tariffs. Please consult the point of sale for further information.

Due to the fact that inland rates differ according to embarkation date, hour and sector, you must cover the cost of the differences between the prior and new itineraries. It is also possible to have a new ticket made out after the reimbursement has been made. As a rule, the valid term for inland flight ticket is one year.

The ticket must be used within the valid timeframe, as renewals are not possible. Thus, for example, the valid duration may be less than one year, according to the flight ticket used. Please refer to the sales outlet or branch office for further information. Return/cancellation policy for airline ticket purchases may differ by location.

Ask at the place of sale. Reimbursement deadline for national flights is the same as the expiration date of the flight ticket (1 August 2016). Reimbursement requests for flights on foreign destinations must be submitted within 30 working days of the end of the ticket period (from 20 May 2016).

The ticket owner must register personally when applying for a reimbursement. Should an application be made by a statutory agent, please consult the point of sale, as it may be necessary to submit supplementary documentation. There will be an extra reimbursement fine for all non-used seats on Korea Departures, based on when the reimbursement is requested.

Refunds for bar purchases can be made to the ticket holder's bank statement. Ticket purchases by debit are not refundable in full currency. Reimbursement information shall be transmitted to the Cardholder and shall be settled in accordance with the rules of the Cardholder. Reimbursement periods for ticket purchases made by means of credits depend on the date of receipt and the processor's process time.

Please report to the cardholder after 2 to 5 working Days from the date the reimbursement is authorized for more information about the reimbursement processing. You will be billed a non-journey fee if you do not embark the flight without cancelling the booking before your flight departs, or if you do not embark the flight after check-in.

In the event of modification or reimbursement, a special reissuance charge or reimbursement fine will be levied in accordance with the airline's rules. Their ticket can be revalued into the higher category, by using the number of kilometers or pay the price differential between the categories. Upgrading your seating is possible by payment of the price differential between categories, with the exception of limited ticket prices.

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