Private Jet Time Share

Time share private jet

Bigger jets and shares can have several million dollars in acquisition fees. Getting Started with the Jet Share Trend Everyone who is tired of the safety routes and tight seating associated with business aviation dreams of going high in a private aircraft - but not everyone can afford to buy their own up. Type in the beam release. You can buy time in a private aircraft with fractal jet ownership without having the whole thing (or find a place to park) - kissing off airfield problems goes away.

Large corporations that offer NetJets, Flexjet and Flexjet services have a number of private aviation opportunities and are expanding as well. These programmes allow you to own part of an aircraft - beginning with a 16th share with 50 aircraft operating time - for a contractual term of usually five years. Select a light jet like the Lear 40XR from Flexjet - with six seat, CD and CD player, sat phone and cab monitor that give you detail on how quickly you fly and how long to land.

This 10-piece aircraft has a fully equipped sofa, galley, CD and DVD player, telephone and facsimile sofa. NetJets, Flight Options and Flexjet ensure aircraft availability 365 times a year, with a lead time of just four or 48 hrs for home or overseas travel.

Private aircraft travel to large business aerodromes, but also to several hundred smaller aerodromes - which means you can avoid the need for LAX travel. In bigger aircrafts cabin crews are available to take good deal of notice. Prices vary by aircraft and share - you are charged a one-time purchase charge, plus maintenance and pilots' salary costs and per-hour hour charges for flying time and additional petrol.

312,500 in advance, has a $7,260 per month annual administration charge, and is $1,509 per incident in the skies. Bigger jet liners and stocks can have several million dollars in purchase commission. As a rule, you can take as many persons with you as you like at no surcharge.

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