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Boeing 747 private property

747-81 Boeing VIP owner Joseph Lau1. The private jet belongs to Hong Kong's most influential and successful real estate investor, Joseph Lau. Furthermore in possession of the private Boeing 747 with the registration HZ-WBT7.

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Boeing 747 is one of the biggest aircrafts on the charters world. Jumbo Jets, the primal "Queen of Heaven", are probably the most famous jets. An important part of the fleet of many airlines can carry up to 500 people on up to 14-hour trips. Seating for 350 - 500 persons in various configuration from economies to 3rd classes (first, business and economy).

Privately owned planes and planes of 13 global captains, emperors and billions.

Specializing in charter and personal jet services for top officials and celebrities, Air Charter Service has compiled an overview of the aircraft owned and operated by 13 of the world's most powerful air charterers. Queen of England, members of the royalty and the British administration depend on the United Kingdom's 32nd season to move.

Up until recently, the Royal Family rented Boeing 747s or Boeing 777s from British Airways or Virgin Atlantic for long-haul services. Hassanal Bolkiah, the Sultan of Brunei, has a privately owned aircraft - an Airbus A340-212 - with the nickname "Flying Palace". Both aircraft are used for scheduled air travel, but before the President's arrival they are thoroughly checked by his secret services, which can take up to several months.

One Boeing Business Jet BBJ2, two Boeing 747-400s, one Boeing 767-400ER, one Gulfstream G-IV and one Bell 430. Every single one is destined solely for members of the king's household and high civil servants. Recent acquisitions were the Boeing 767-400ER and a Boeing Business Jet BBJ2.

Information about the interior is scarce, but the Boeing 767-400ER cabin seems to be subdivided into two distinct areas with a separated personal lounge and bargaining room. Britain's thirty-two season recently purchased its own 195 million Airbus A330 to take the current Prime Minister, Theresa May, on formal tours of state.

Yet the goverment alleges that it is saving up to 1.5 million on airplane charter by having the Airbus. Airbus has a small lounge area with two Otto-man seats and drapes that provide a little bit of private space for the remainder of the team. The best-known airplane of Chancellor Angela Merkel is an Airbus A340-313X, named Konrad Adenauer after the first post-war Chancellor.

It has an enormous population. "Merkel's entire aircraft portfolio is also fitted with safety equipment such as rocket defense as well as extra petrol tank capacity, enabling non-stop air travel of up to 13,500 kilometers - enough to travel from Berlin to Washington, Beijing or Rio de Janeiro. Russia's millionaire Roman Abramovich has a number of aircraft in his private aircraft portfolio, among them a Boeing 767-33AER.

Alisher Usmanov's flag ship catalog value for its Alisher Usmanov private aviation fleets is at least $238 million (187 million pounds). Putin's flag ship is the IL-96-300PU from Russia, a long-range wide-body jet. Every plane that transports the President of the United States is known as Plane Force One. Donald Trump generally regards Plane One as one of two Boeing 747-200B planes that are exactly the same, tailor-made for him.

All of them have been in use for more than 25 years, which means that Trump has the oldest private plane on this schedule. Boeing 747 was the world's first double-decker long-range commercial airliner with a large fuselage. Featuring interior designs by Nancy Reagan, former President Ronald Reagan's wife, the plane has an African Southwest look.

Accommodating 70 passangers and 26 crews, it has a private room for each member of the President's entourage and an area for intelligence reporter. It also owns a 1.2 billion pound aircraft used by its familys. If they are traveling alone, Emir or his wife and senior civil servants use a separated V.I.P. carrier, Qatar Amiri Flight.

At the end of August 2016, the company's VIP aircraft consisted of 14 aircraft, each carrying over £80 million. Emir also has privileged entry to one Airbus A319-100 (CJ), three Airbus A320-200s, two Airbus A330-200s, two Boeing 747-8s, one Airbus ?-300, one Airbus ?-200, one Airbus ?-300 and Airbus ?-500.

From time to time he also uses a Bombardier Global Express BD-700-1A10 commercial aircraft and a Boeing C-17 Globemaster III helicopter for private use.

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