Company Secretary course for working Professionals

Course for company secretary for employees

And Mayuri Mistry, studied with the company secretaries. It is advisable that a works full time to complete a CS course? A few top universities to take CS courses are listed here: The National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT), Delhi. Chartered Accountant (CA) and Company Secretary (CS) certifications are designations for international auditors.

It is possible to complete the course as a company secretary during a full-time position?

Using the right amount of available resources and concentrating my studies to thoroughly cover the prescribed curriculum for analyzing the exam sample (I used scanner to predict the exam trend). By intelligently addressing the necessary areas of each topic and using the fastest available amount of efficient resources, you can enjoy your results with ease. There is nothing wrong, you first have to realize that you will finish CS with job.

I' m doing CS with a full timed employment and have now released Foundation & 1 Module of Executive in my first try. Like I used to learn: If you give the Dec experiment, then begin your preparations from June so that you can finish your curriculum by the end of October and for the rest of the two month you can do the overhaul.

Don't squander your public holiday, use it for 6-hour studies. Wherever you have the opportunity to learn, don't spend that amount of your free English language learning instead of university. Do not try to give both modules at the same moment, as there will be two modules that are hard to finish, and if you finish them, you will not be able to do a review.

Don't spend too much of your free hours because you don't have much spare to do. Prakash Joshi's Answer to Where Can I Find the Best Corporate Secretary Delhi Coach for CS Executives? They can learn both at home and in their free hours. Don't be afraid of lacking classrooms, no wasting your calculation work.

And you can rework tricky subjects over and over again. Of course you can do the same, but the only thing that is needed is your commitment and interest in the area. My advice to you would be that if you choose CS, you only have to tell your elders before your hands, so that in case you need holidays for your examination, you can get the same without much effort.

They must have your timetable very well planned, give you at least 2 lessons a day for the topic and you must have holidays for your examinations. I' d rather say that you only have to concentrate on the topic and consider the attitudes of your elders to you, if they help Mother Nature it will be of great help to you, otherwise you will have to adapt with all the things to make the hinges work for you.

No, you need at least 3-4 month for the EX and 6-7 month for the PROF. exam.

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