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New domestic flights from 1,889 rupees introduced by Jet Airways. Route, schedule all detail Ticket is 12 month from date of travel, said Jet Airways. Airways Jet has launched new domestic flights at a take-off fare of 1,889 Russian crowns, the airline said on its website Reduced Jet Airways fare on new flights applies only to one-way flights in Economy on selected flights.

Ticket is 12 month from date of travel, said Jet Airways. The reservation must be made by 15 October 2018 to obtain air fares between Jaipur and Vadodra and between Chandigarh and Lucknow at reduced prices, the carrier adds. Jet Airways' service from Jaipur to Vadodra is charged at a take-off price of Res. 1,889.

From Vadodra to Jaipur the ticket is available at a start cost of 1,899kr. Flights between Vadodra and Indore and Chandigarh and Lucknow are available at a take-off cost of RES 1,999. Prices of Jet Airways offers on new domestic flights: Jet Airways will apply discounts for children and infants, date changes, air changes, refunds, week-end surcharges, blackout periods, valid itineraries, pre-sales restrictions, restricted bookings and/or restricted flights as specified in the pricing rules.

Airways retains the right to substitute this promotion, in whole or in part, for any other promotion at any given moment and without giving previous notification, whether similar or not, or to cancel it entirely.

Meanwhile, competitor IndiGo recently heralded the launch of its first ever everyday service between Amritsar and Dubai. In addition, the carrier will also provide flights between Calcutta-Cochin and Bangalore-Pune. From Pune to Bangalore the ticket costs 1.745 Euros. The SpiceJet company has also introduced new domestic and foreign flights.

New flights will be operated between Mumbai and Kanpur, Delhi and Kishangarh, Hyderabad and Bangkok, Amritsar and Bangkok, Delhi and Shirdi, Calcutta and Pakyong, Guwahati and Pakyong, Calcutta and Varanasi and Mumbai and Jaisalmer.

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