Can you call a Taxi

Could you call a cab?

You call a cab instead of calling one. Find a local taxi company online if you can't find a taxi near you. That narrows me down where I eat. As they say " Could you call me a taxi please " in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian.

Could you call me a cab?

How do you say, "Can you call me a cab?" In Spanish? May I say could you call me a cab, please? Thank you! Can you call me a cab or please? I would use "ask" and you (can): - Can you please ask me for a taxi? If, for example, you are in a room at a nearby guesthouse and call the front desk and ask for a taxi, you would say something like that:

"Do you know what I mean?" "┬┐me paedenmandar an taxi al hotelier? Even if you are the one who calls the taxi, e.g. if you call the help line number of the taxi, you would say something like that: "Do you know a taxi a (address)?" You are in the same place as the patient you are asking to call a taxi for you in the OR provided contexts, so I would not use "Mandar" in this state.

Taxi call - English translations - English samples

??? These samples may contain impolite words related to your query. Those samples may contain common words related to your query. I don't know.................................................................. Could you call a cab for me? Well, I was gonna go out with John, but I suppose I could call a cab or something.

So, you gonna show me the way, or should I call a cab? Are we gonna make it or should we call a cab? We' re gonna have to call a cab. All we have to do is call a cab. Get a cab, get a breakdown van. Call a cab for this woman, please. Had to call a cab to get home.

Do you want? Just call a cab so we can get back to the motel. If you want, I can call a cab. Leora, call a cab, quick. Yes, Nicolas, I could call a cab. Said to call a cab. I' ll call a cab for you. I' d like to stop having to call a cab every goddamn fucking day I have to get out of the building.

I' m gonna call a cab to take me home. Passed time:

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