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This is a three-engine private aircraft optimized for hot weather flights at high altitudes. Luxurious concept for personal aircraft from Aston Martin "We are at the beginning of a new era of metropolitan transport, perpendicular transport is no longer a fantasy," added Marek Reichman, Aston Martin EVP and CCO. "We have a singular opportunity to develop a luxurious conceptual aircraft that represents the ultimatum merger of arts and technology."

airplane design by a ston martyn brings luxurious personal transport to heaven

uK sportcar manufacturer agonmartin is presenting the popular and volatile visual conception, a luxury aircraft with VTOL capability. it was developed in collaboration with cranfield universtiy, crankfield space flight solution and rolls-royce and was unveiled at the fernborough airshow on 16 july 2018. the aim of the venture is to take personal transport to the skies in style.

powered by three-adult capacity, the airborne stand-alone hybrid-electric will take full use of the latest advancements in aviation, power and stand-alone technology, combined with the distinctive designs of astronomy. this new approach brings together the world's best aviation and space professionals, power train professionals and developers. the expertise of each of its partners will ensure that the aircraft offers an exciting alternate transport option for clients around the planet.


Despite its historic name, it is in fact more of a lightweight aircraft than a "flying car". For example, it has VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Recovery ) capability for municipal use, developed by the UK aviation and space industries since the sixties, and the Hawker Harrier type combat aircraft. Andy Palmer, Aston Martin Chairman and Chief Executive Officer said:

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