London Taxi and Private Hire Contact

Taxi London and Private Rental Contact

Please contact TfL to apply for a PHV driving licence. The list of telephone numbers of TfL for booking a taxi (black taxi) can be found here. Taxis And Private Hire Vehicle Information ' Transport For All ' ' Barrier Free Transport In London

On this page you will find some information about taxi (black taxis) and private rental vehicles (minicabs and similar services). Taxi cars, often called " dark cars ", can be stopped on the road or in certain stands at famous places such as train and subway station, subway station and coach station. At the end of the trip, the price to be paid is displayed on the taximeter.

Bedrooms in cabins in black. All cabins are handicapped access. Driver shall not be permitted to decline to take you or your assistant guide and shall not charge supplementary fees for the carriage of chairs, guide etc. The majority of taxis are equipped with a wide range of accessories for travelers, among them: There are also cabins in which you can find the smaller model scooters.

The latest information on taxi rates can be found here on the Transport for London website. In order to reserve a taxi at any hour of the morning or evening, call One Number Taxi on 0871 871 8710. You can find the telephone numbers of companies listed in TfL's telephone directory for taxi bookings (black taxi) here. When you wish to file a claim about a taxi rider, you can do so via the taxi and private rental website of TÜV SÜD.

Website of Tourist Office Ltd for taxi and private rental complaint. View the London Black Taxi handicapped person video tutorial: Privately rented vehicles are commonly known as "minicabs". In contrast to taxi rides must be arranged through a registered private landlord, and private rental vehicles cannot be called or driven on the road.

Tariffs are at the sole discretion ofthe provider, and most providers have fixed tariffs that include a per trip price. It is a good idea to ask the owner for a quotation before you begin your trip. Every private driver must carry his driving license with a photograph of himself.

Privately owned rental limousines are usually limousine rental and therefore not suitable for wheelchairs. Ask the owner whether his vehicle meets your access needs. A Taxicard may be available which allows you to make a certain number of subsidized trips each year in London taxi or minicab licences.

With the Cabwise services of TrafL you can reserve your taxi or mini cab by telephone or via an app: In order to obtain the numbers of the nearest operator, we will send the text "HOME" to 60835 and the numbers of three locally authorised operator directly to your cell/telephone. In order to get the telephone number for a Cabwise reservation, please go to this Cabwise page where you will be asked for your cell number and the Cabwise number will be sent to you.

Cabwise services can also be used by clients on the 3-network by sending their address (street name and postal code e.g. Victoria St., SW1) to 07797 800 000. Please check the Cabwise homepage of TVL for more information and details. Enter your address, road or postal code, check the optional checkbox for handicapped mini cabs and you will receive a taxi company and number of available cars.

They can also find the homepage of TfL's Taxis and Minicabs useful. The Mobility Taxis offer a transportation system for older and handicapped persons in Croydon County and the area. Computers Cab can make barrier-free cars available to anyone, not just those with a Taxicard. The Radiotaxis can also supply barrier-free cars. When you need a car that can carry a bigger than the standard size chair, try giving Chequers Transporter a call to see what size they can carry.

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