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Yellow Cab corporate account gives your company or organization priority access to personal and parcel delivery services. Administration Fran├žois Henry was in Belgium, where he was educated and went to college to become a sailor. 1978 landed in the USA, bankrupt and in need of work, Henry began to drive a cab. 1980 he acquired his first Miami cab licence and an eight-car cab business in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Marco Henry became an U.S. national in 1984. Following years of painstaking work, he expanded his vehicle park to 65 cars. As well as creating the Taxicab Association of Connecticut (T.A.CT.), an organisation that encourages best practice among providers of services on issues such as insuring, securing and regulating the taxis sector, Henry also thought about how to purify the milieu.


Please call us at (860) 666-6666 for a quick and reliable cab ride. Before 1946, cab riders went to phones mounted on masts in the Hartford area to get their fare. Yellow Cab's head office was relocated to Granby Street in Bloomfield in 1982, with state-of-the-art office space and facilities.

Mr. Henry is Vice President and Director of Capital Cities Clean of Connecticut and works with the business and government communities to help deliver a cleaner enviroment through new and cutting-edge initiatives. In order to mitigate environmental degradation, the firm substituted its own fleets with CNG trucks and offered CNG refuelling service to regional fleets through a local service centre on the Bloomfield site.

25 September 1998 saw the first of six Honda Civics devoted to the use of CNG, launched on the road with a favourable reaction from the general population. A further 25 CNG-powered Honda Civics were added in January 1999, making one third of the total vehicle fleets practically environmentally friendly!

Company contract service

Our services include supporting services providers and corporate customers with regularly and reliably transports to meetings and work orders, to the airports and offices. The contractual services are determined by the needs of our customers. A lot of our passengers who use this facility are pleased to see their "normal" driver. You tell us that you are enjoying the convenience and trust that your transport needs are met and always available.

We have a growing daily network of drivers and are pleased to draw up a contractual programme for your company or your agent. Passengers who are part of your insurance group will get a coupon from their drivers. Ten state-of-the-art paratransit taxi cabs are available for customers with disabilities. Please get in touch with Mati Hanbaum, our Managing Director, to talk about your contractual needs from Monday to Friday, 8:30 to 17:30 at (614) 827-8321.

Flexibility, reliability and commitment to outstanding client care.

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