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You can read reviews, compare customer reviews, see screenshots and learn more about Ameys Taxi. Amey' s Taxi's latest tweets (@AmeysTaxiLtd): In Kingston, I called a cab. Amey' s Greenwood Taxi Limited Limited Yesterday evening I was calling another taxi and after 23 min wait for my taxi I was calling AMEY`S TAXI. Driving in three and a half hours, my chauffeur brought me to my supper on schedule. Stefanie R.

I phoned AMEY'S TAXI after I found my normal firm too employed to respond to their telephones.

On my journey to KGH Emergency the rider showed so much real care for me, was so very friendly and sympathetic. Henceforth, when I need a taxi, I will opt for AMEY'S! Losing a very important (irreplaceable) item of clothes in a taxi, I phoned the bureau to ask for it.

He was driving around every nearby block, where he put me down in a circle and looking for me. We' re gonna need more cabdrivers like him. Well, I just got off the phone with a truck to help me move some stuff last dark. Not only was she extremely courteous, kind, she got out and assisted me with loading and unloading all my stuff!

Yesterday evening one of your riders at Thompkin' s funeral parlour fetched me at Davis Dr. He could see that I was obviously angry, and I just wanted to say that he was beyond EVERY rider I have ever seen, the friendliest of people. AMEY' S TAXI and my rider was very competent and effective.

WAS A CHARACTERED was a charactered rider and a LOVE PEOPLE!!! And JJ is the best rider ever. From Loblaws I phoned and let the caller know that I had a lot of food and needed help. Gerald Lunn, my rider, was courteous and smiling all the way as he was helping me bring my food right to the front doors.

Because I wanted him to know that I am appreciative of his help and that he is an outstanding rider. Today's Ken in 33 had a very nice cleaner vehicle, smokeless and odorless. Although my taxi took me to KGH for a treatment, I phoned AMEY'S TAXI as soon as I could to inform her about the friendly, caring BRIAN in 104 who took me to the infirmary.

PETER, my rider, was very courteous and well attired. I' m always calling AMEY'S TAXI. Today my chauffeur was courteous, kind and my taxi was flawless! Continue with the great work of AMEY'S. Well, I wanted to call to thank the guy who drove my taxi so much this evening. Today I was very satisfied with my rider.

It was sympathetic and kind, I look forward to traveling again with this rider. Well, my chauffeur was astonishing. This is very useful and kind, but I usually find this to be the case with AMEY`S TAXI. They have the best chauffeurs in the city. Today was the best trip I've ever made in a cab!

Amey' s taxi. From my flat today I saw an AMEY`S TAXI rider get out of his taxi and help a young woman take all her food to her doorstep up the steps! Far beyond and beyond AMEY`S very much influenced by your work.

BOB SHAW, my chauffeur, was a very kind man.

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