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Request missing objects

An enquiry for found items can be submitted by phone at 311 (212-New-York) or via 311 Online if you were travelling in a Boro (Green) or Boro (Yellow) taxi. Every endeavour will be made to help you find your real estate. You will find the travel information on your taxi journey receipts, so always ask at the end of your journey.

When your taxi drivers cannot give your belongings back directly to you, they must take them to a specific area. Refresh requests for items found are usually available within two (2) working working days. 2. Rental Cars, Rental Cars, Rental Cars, Rental Cars, Paratransit Cars If you find or are losing something in a rental cars, a rental cars, a rental cars, a Paratransit Cars (Ambulette) or a rental cars, you have to go to the provider of the rental cars.

Hints to help you find your belongings: If you find that your mobile is not there, try to call your number. Driver often try to give the real estate directly back to its owners. So if you have been collected or set down at a large traffic junction, airport or train station, try to call the lost and found office at that number.

When you have been collected or drop off at a hostel, please consult the courier or safety bureau. Remember that another traveller can find your belongings and directly get in touch with you.

Call Taker / Customer Service

However, I fully comprehend that any forgery, forging, skipping or presentation of this request will be considered an act of disingenuousness and that the information in this request will be used and that previous employer will be approached for investigative purpose unless otherwise stated. Any responses to this request are accurate and truthful.

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