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Mobile Taxi App. Like so many other things, you can book your taxi online or via an app on your smartphone. The most important taxi numbers in Berlin. If you would like to order a taxi in Berlin, there are several taxi companies that offer their services. Forget about catching a Uber in Berlin.

Best Taxi Services in Berlin

It' a lot of pleasure to order a taxi in Berlin. The taxi rides in Berlin are unbelievably inexpensive, especially in comparison to other major cities in Europe. Amazingly, you don't have to call a taxi too often in Berlin, as local transportation - except in winter - is very dependable and even almost around the clock. Even if you're in Berlin, you don't have to call a taxi too often.

Like so many other things, you can reserve your taxi either on-line or via an app on your phone. MyTaxi is the best-known taxi app in Germany. MyTaxi app is actually a pretty awesome thing, as you can see the next taxi to your present position on a single card.

If you want to order a taxi in Berlin, there are several taxi operators offering their service. Your most usual way would be to call their operator and tell them your name, your adress, the place and date of collection, and they will ship the taxi there. At any place within the Ringbahn it usually lasts a max. of 5 minutes until a taxi arrives.

In case you plan to take a puppy or more than 4 persons with you, you should inform the owner, because not all taxi riders in Berlin take pets with them or have room for more than 4 persons. Some of the best known taxi operators in Berlin and their phone numbers are:

There' s a rumor that taxi riders in Berlin are the most unfriendly taxi riders in Germany. By chance, if you are driving with a Berliner by birth, remember that the'Berliner Schnauze' is harder than it should be. Up to now the biggest thing that was happening to us was that the riders thought they were Michael Schumacher and went a little quicker than they should.

Only in the last few years have many car sharing enterprises taken up their activities in Berlin. The best known by far are Car2go and Drivevenow with a cover far outside the Ringbahn area. We recommend that you take a look at our Berlin car sharing section if you enjoy your trip in Berlin.

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