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The SCARSDALE taxi and airport service. The Ventura is a Non Scheduled Operator (NSOP) providing Air Taxi services to the public and Air Charter services to individuals and groups. Privatjet Services & Charter Flights | New York Branch Office If it is about doing your own thing, most of us don't know where to begin. The Ventura Air gives shopkeepers the opportunity to regain ownership and increase efficiency so they can be confident that they will be there for the greatest times of their lives. Because we know how tough it is to be competitive in a fast-paced work climate, every aspect is important for entrepreneurs.

Every year we help tens of thousand of business travellers travel more effectively without making compromises on cost or convenience. If you are more effective, you can rely on your organization to compete while giving you more free rein to share with your family. After years of traveling with other airlines, the trouble is that most shopkeepers pay far too much for privately owned jets that make compromises when it comes to convenience, security and cabins experiences.

That' s why we have established a charters firm dedicated to providing the highest levels of integrity, visibility and first class client experience. Headquartered in New York, Ventura Air is a family-owned and operated New York charters firm initially established in 1955. Today, its heritage as the most trustworthy business in the sector is continuing, as it remains the preferred vehicle for some of the most sought-after and prestigious businesses in the area.

Booking your flights today and join the expanding Ventura Air executive management ecosystem to take them where they need to go. Cause it'?s t? stop flyin? under somebody else's conditions.

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AirConnect is an India-based non-shipping company that operates Cessna 208 caravan planes in its Gujarat State charter family. After being taken over by a group of Gujarati diamonds dealers in 2014, the carrier that first operated services within Madhya Pradesh relocated to Gujarat. There was a significant owner shift and the carrier had to cease operation in 2015.

Ventura AirConnect was commissioned by the government of Guyarat to operate services to the state and in June 2016 restarted operation at Surat Airport as its gateway. Since September 2017, Ventura AirConnect has been flying to the following locations, all in the State of Gujarat, India:

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