Airbus Silicon Valley Jobs

Silicon Valley Jobs

The salaries of Airbus employees in California are booked anonymously. A³ project manager for the Airbus Group Airbus A3 is the Silicon Valley Airbus wing. Airbus' goal is to make things work. At A3 our task is very simple: we try to disturb Airbus (and the competition) before anyone else can. At the same time, we are working on shaping the destiny of flying.

A3 is where we carry out our own project work and maintain our own partnership. A project is an aggressive, high-risk, time-limited project that culminates in a persuasive demo - something more than just a prototyping, but something close to a final production. The A3 partnership - with start-ups, incumbents and research institutes - drives our project and enables us to succeed in the Silicon Valley eco-system.

A partnership with various Airbus components is also being sought to provide transitional objectives for A3 emerging programmes. Thou art the uncommon being at the interface between a visionary, a professional secretary, a head of engineering and an evangelist. Are you the world's top specialist in your field and have an ideas that will bother you?

If you are passionately interested in making this notion come to live, you can substantiate your ideas with a thorough quantity assessment. Define a roadmap that is agile, processless and agile. You will have overall accountability for managing the entire operation, which includes technological advancement and supervision, leading and integrating the performance teams, negotiating trading conditions with major parties, and managing the project's delivery.

They are also the spokespersons for your internal and public work. Become a world-class specialist in a particular technological or commercial area that is of relevance to one or more of the key areas of the Centre. Often - but not always - this is proven by a doctorate in a subject of interest, an outstanding research track-record and/or one or more recognised success stories.

Demonstrate the capacity to establish technological or commercial model foundations at different abstract levels: from detail to macroscopic scales, to uncover critical metrics, to abstract and synthesise statistical boundaries and theories. Become a sophisticated leader, encompassing the skills to head a team, efficiently engage in communication, gain understanding of contract and IP, bargain relations, and administer timetables and budget.

Proven end-to-end success story, ranging from one or more product (s), preferable. Do you have a powerful team of professionals in your field, which includes academic leaders, industry leaders, consultants, business owners, governments and regulatory authorities, etc.? As a leader at A and Airbus we see you in large numbers; as such you will be reporting directly to the Chief executive of A³.

When you think you are, please submit your resume with 1-2 pages (no more, please!) of one or more fictitious projects you might want to follow and how you would proceed. Vision a borderless universe, free of restrictions. Define the destiny anew.

In Silicon Valley, we are the wing post of Airbus, one of the world's leading suppliers of innovative products for the aircraft and space industries. It is our belief that the present day will be shaped by intermittent periodically generated innovations. It is our business to shape the futures of flying now. We base our project on thorough analyses, new findings and a dedication to irrational objectives.

Discovery is worrying, and only if we disturb Airbus, its rivals and the whole sector will we consider our objectives and our missions a successful one. Would you like to know more about A³ by Airbus Group? Please see A³ on the Airbus Group website.

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