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Flown here for three generations. A celebration of the rich aviation history of Talkeetna Alaska. The Talkeetna Flies In! Scheduled for the eighth annual family events of 2018 in Talkeetna Airport, Talkeetna Airport.

Talkeetna Fly In is an occasion that celebrate the aeronautical richness of Talkeetna Alaska by "honoring the past, partying the future". The Talkeetna Fly In will take place this year from 18 to 20 May 2018. Keep up to date with this year's upcoming activities. Check out this year's leaflet below for a listing of upcoming tournaments, sponsoring, poker running and prize lists!

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The Alaska Flying School ? Talkeetna

This is the website of one of the world's most specialised flying school in Talkeetna, Alaska! Our aim is to offer high standard flying and surface education with a special emphasis on security. The best flying conditions for flying in Alaska is usually from March to October, but we practice all year round.

In Alaska, flying instruction is an unforgettable adventure. Irrespective of your educational backgrounds, Alaska will improve your abilities as a pilots. No matter whether you have been flying with a tail wheel or three wheel equipment in Alaska or not, we can provide you with the flying abilities you need to be a secure, trained aviator.

Most of our pupils are returning to Alaska to pursue their piloting education and careers. Just 60 sea miles from Denali Mountain and the Alaska Range, you'll experience stunning vistas every trip up to the heights.

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Il Alaska is the country of secluded seas and magnificent hills. Talkeetna aeronautical municipality, Alaska, has long been known for its wide variety of mountaineering trips, rescues and wildlife adventure. Comprises 3 nights, up to 5 hour flying per day and supportive floor training. We have 31 " Bush Wheels on our planes, which gives us the security margins in harsh areas such as the shingle banks, peaks and untouched wildlife areas we will be landed on.

Accommodation is perfect and relaxed. Accommodation for 3 night, up to 5 hour flying and A/C & Instructor, extra check-trip. Our trainings will take place on the many secluded and lovely pristine lake surrounding the Christiansen Lake (AK-8) in Talkeetna. Practice includes 2 flights and 6 hrs land with the third checkeday.

It' not unusual for us to stop during our flying practice and fish for a brown trout or see elk and Grizzly bear on the banks of the canyon. Have a look at your accommodation on the Accommodation page. Contains 3 nights, up to 5 hour flying and up to 2-3 hour preparation & skiing per diurn.

The best is skiing in springs! Depart and disembark from snow-capped icy seas, soar the Alaska Range and hit the Talkeetna Mountains glacier. Stopping to trace the traces of our winters residents, we are enjoying a skiing tour in the untouched ALASKA wild. Please take your sun milk with you because it is really warm at this season!

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