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Aerial Taxi Costs & Prices Our rates are guarantee without concealed charges. Timetables and model fares to favourite destination are shown in the following chart. Timetables and fares are calculated on the basis of departures from Manassas Regional Airport (HEF) in the Washington, D.C. area.

Request airfares for flights from any other airport in and around the D.C. area.

Rates quoted are for up to three persons and luggage. Rates quoted are for a single or full round tour within the FAA restricted pilots service limits. The shown flying schedules are the one-way schedules from Manassas to the indicated destinations. Permit an extra 15 mins for the approximate taxi duration.

Find out about timetables and fares for flying to other locations and for sightseeing tours lasting one or more nights. Stand by to make your reservation.

Secrets of 7 Ultra Low Flight Tariffs for Taxis

Consider a itinerary that should only take one to two hour by air, but will take all your days as a connection is needed. Those are great air taxi outings! By booking an Air Taxi, you are paying the least amount of cash by beginning or ending your journey at an international destination where the aircraft is located.

There' re these airfields on the east coast: Whilst it is still a good idea to check fares when traveling from these general areas, towns or states (e.g. New Jersey compared to New York), the cheapest fares are obtained by traveling specifically to or from the above mentioned orabouts. Instead of large hub areas, use local aerodromes.

Wherever you go or depart from, use a "regional" or "executive" airfield instead of a large hubs. If, for example, you are living in the Baltimore area and Montgomery Airpark is too far away, you should consider a flight from Martin State International rather than BWI. When you travel to Miami, use Opa Locka Executives instead of Miami International.

Every one you use a local instead of a hubs international airports, the charges are so much lower that you will be saving yourself hundred of bucks on your itinerary. Turn it into a full days out. Unless you need an extra stop at your final location, consider returning there in the mornings and evenings instead of staying the nights.

This means that the Air Taxi can remain with you instead of going back to the air bases and causing more airfare. As your Air Taxi will take 2-3 people ( depending on the size of the baggage ) you will get a better rate per capita when you fill these tickets than when you fly alone. Benefit from the fact that you book the entire aircraft and not just a single seating and take a boyfriend or co-worker with you... We can charge two different debit card for your journey if you want to share your outlay.

Air Taxi is a good way to carry your good dog or cat with you. In order to prevent this, let your Air Taxi pilots know before take-off that you need a taxi to make the run. She or he can call to the airfield 15 min before arriving if you know exactly when to arrive and have a taxi wait for you.

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