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What is the Eclipse EA500 VLJ like compared to turbo-props? Mike Chase provides information on a range of used corporate aircraft and turbo-props to evaluate the Eclipse EA500 in this month's Aircraft Comparative Analysis. New 2014 Eclipse 550 aircraft for sale has a listed value of $2,895 million, while the costs for a used Eclipse EA500 range from $650k (2006 model) to $850k (2008 model).

As part of this survey, we will consider production efficiency measures (payload/range, velocity and cab size) and consider present and projected markets. Our design covers the Quest Kodiak 100 and King Air 90GTx engines. Short story In 2002, the Eclipse 500 launched a radical new corporate aircraft design, the Very Light jet (VLJ).

For example, a Pratt & Whitney Canada PW610F engine was chosen to drive the plane, delaying the design work. Nevertheless, Eclipse Aviation was awarded the Collier Trophy 2005 by the National Aeronautic Association for its work with the Eclipse 500 in February 2006.

It was a contentious distinction because only the airplane prototypes flew. Finally, the Model 500 was FAA certificated in mid-2006 and the first custom airplane was shipped in January 2007. In the course of 2007, Eclipse manufactured 104 vehicles and achieved a production-record for its " first 100 " planes, which were quicker than any other commercial-OEM.

On November 21, 2008, the company was granted personal approval by European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and only four working day later, on November 25, Eclipse Aviation applied for insolvency cover under Section 11. On August 20, 2009, Eclipse Aerospace was reconfirmed as the new owners of the former Eclipse Aviation asset and put into operation on September 1, 2009.

In June 2013, the new entity obtained FAA certification for a 20,000 hour or 20,000 cycle endurance rating with indefinite calendaring time. Eclipse 550's first shipment to customers was finalized in March 2014, and 12 EA550's were shipped in 2014.

We have 262 100% Eclipse EA500 compliant businesses in use around the world, with 12 in stock and only one in fractions. North America has the biggest share of fleets by continents (87%), followed by Europe (8%) with a joint share of 95%. Load Capacity & Range The information in Table A is taken from Conklin & de Decker and the May 2014 edition of B&CA.

Prospective operators should concentrate on load capacity. Maximum Fueled Payload' for the Eclipse 500 is 502lb, which is significantly less than the Kodiak 100 (1,220 pounds) or King Air 190GTx (737 pounds). Table A also shows the propellant consumption of the individual models.

Burning 68 GPH (gallons per hour), the Eclipse 500 tops the King Air 93 GPH (C90GTx). According to the aircraft cost calculator, however, the Kodiak 100 consumes 29% less than the Eclipse 500 in terms of petrol (at 45GPH). According to Conklin & de Decker, the Eclipse 500 (109 ft ) has a much smaller cab space than the Kodiak 100 (248 ft) and the King Air C90 GTx C90 ( 218 ft).

The Eclipse 500 has a slightly longer cruising distance than the Kodiak 100, according to the ACC. The King Air 200GTx, however, has significantly more reach than the other two airplanes at 880 nm. Please note: For jet and turboprop applications, the'Seats Full Range' indicates the plane's long distance cruise IR RANGE, with all passengers manned.

NBAA IFR reserves are calculated for a 200nm alternative, according to ACC. As already noted, the Eclipse 500 is driven by two PW610F-A 900 pound thrusters (lbst) each. With a Pratt & Whitney PT6A-34 powerplant at 750 SHP, the Kodiak 100 delivers less power than the King Air CF90GTx with two Pratt & Whitney PT6A-135A powerplants (550 SHP each).

Based on the information in the B&CA Planning and Purchasing Manual of May 2014 and the B&CA Operations Planning Guide of August 2014, we will be comparing our aircrafts. Countrywide Jet -A gasoline averages used from the August 2014 issue onwards were $6.18 per gal, so for purposes of comparative purposes we will present the figures as is.

Please note: The petrol prices used by this resource do not constitute an annual mean value. Diagram C shows the unit charge per kilometer and compared the Eclipse 500 with its competitors, taking into account the immediate unit charge, and flies a 300nm flight with a load capacity of 800 pounds (four passengers). Eclipse has a $1.93 per sea kilometre charge, well below the Kodiak 100 ($2.64) and King Air 90GTx ($3.35).

The " costs of all variables " shown in graph D are the costs for fuel costs, maintenance personnel costs, planned part costs and other travel costs. For the Eclipse 500, the overall variable costs show a price of 598 dollars, which is between the other two in this course of studies.

Kodiak 100 ($436) is the cheapest in the box, and King Air 90GTx is the highest ($815). Plane Comparison Table B contains the used aeroplane Einzelhandel Pricing from the Vref Pricing Guidelines. Conklin & de Decker provided the mean speeds, cabins and payloads, while JETNET provided the number of operating planes and the for sale rate.

Kodiak 100 and King Air 90GTx currently have less than 10 per cent of their fleet. Obviously Eclipse 500s make an appealing offer with a 37 unit used offer in the last 12 moths (average 3.1 unit per month) in comparison to the Kodiak 100 with 16 unit (1.3 unit per month) and the King Air 190GTx with 19 unit (1.6 unit per month).

Under the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS), airplanes belonging to and operating by companies are often subject to personal taxes. The MACRS system may not be applicable in certain cases and aeroplanes must be written off using the less favourable alternative amortisation system (ADS), which uses the straight-line amortisation rate.

The taxpayer must consider a wide range of issues when deciding whether to depreciate an aeroplane and, if so, the right depreciating technique and the right restoration timeframe to use. Thus, for example, aeroplanes used in professional charters (i.e. Part 135) are generally amortised over a seven-year recuperation time under MACRS or over a twelve-year recuperation time under ADS.

Qualifying commercial jets, such as Part 91 services, are generally amortized under MACRS over a five-year or six-year grace-period using ADS. Certain uses of the airplane, such as non-business travel, may affect the amount of allowed amortization available in a given year.

An example of the use of the MACRS timetable for a 2008 Eclipse 500 airplane in residential (Part 91) and charters (Part 135) operation over a period of five and seven years, based on a used retailer value of $850,000 (according to the Vref Pricing Guide), is shown in Figure 5. asking-prices vs range, age & quantity chart E, obtained from multi-dimensional economic evaluators Inc.

shows value and value for the used Eclipse 500 Jets and other turbo-prop vehicles, such as the Kodiak 100 singles and the King Air 90GTx twins. There are 42 aircrafts "for sale" in the Eclipse 500 used aeroplane segment, 22 of them with an offer value, so that we have drawn in 22 of them.

Our portfolio also includes other used turbo-prop planes with offer values between $0.750 million and $5.25 million. Essentially, the used Eclipse 500s product response is at least four characteristics: Year, assortment, price and quantity. The points in graph F refer to the same aeroplane group.

Full load capacity and available refuel reach; 2. long-range cruising speeds to reach this reach; 3. available passenger and facility cabins. Having examined pricing, reach, speed as well as booth size, we can come to the conclusion that the Eclipse 500, as shown in the index of efficiency, is produced productively in comparison to its Kodiak 100 rival, with which the Eclipse 500 directly competed, and offers lower costs per miles, slightly more reach, more speeds and a lower purchasing cost.

The Eclipse 500 "Available maximum fuel payload", however, is the smallest in this category at 502 pounds and provides significantly less cab room than the two presented commercial turbo-props. Whilst the lower cost of ownership affects the overall power of the airplane in the used car segment, owners should carefully consider their deployment needs when selecting the best options for them.

Abstract In the previous sections, we have addressed some of the attribute values valued by corporate jet carriers. Even today, the Eclipse 500 is still very much in demand on the second-hand markets. We expect that the Eclipse 500, which began delivery in 2006 and was not re-delivered in 2008, will hold its own very well in the used markets for the time being.

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