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Wednesday is the cheapest time to buy a flight to Australia. Step-by-step approach to finding the cheapest flight to Asia. Each time you check the prices of a flight, indicate your interest.

It'?s the best way to get to Australia.

Australian flight tickets are often banking crushers that leave gaps in the budget of US travellers. That is why we have gathered billions of flight statistics from the United States to Australia on the web to overcome the mix-up between fares and advertising slang and show travellers the best flight times to Australia.

When you think that you can cope with the fuss that is building up over the weekends, it is certainly a good idea to postpone your flight to Australia to a Monday because our statistics have shown that it is the cheapest date of the month to leave the United States. We' ve also noticed that good prices on the Australian route last until Tuesday and Wednesday, while everything from Thursday is good breaking news if you take care of the banknotes.

Attempt to plan your journey home from the glimmering New South Wales shores or the colourful Queensland Red Sea for a Tuesday as we have found that it is there that air fares find their lowest level every Wednesday. When Tuesday is completely out of the question and you just can't consider getting out of the Australian midweek in the sun, Wednesday's return flight is also a good choice, with only a little more than the previous day's flight.

Yeah, we know it seems ridiculous, but reorganizing your week plan just a little bit to make sure that you are looking for and book your flight from the United States to Australia on a Wednesday could help you saving some of those much needed bucks for the cost of your tickets. On the New York JFK to Melbourne route, for example, travellers could pocket up to $37 on a Wednesday, while on the non-stop Dallas to Sydney route they could make total cost-savings of $27!

There is always a great deal of discussion about how to save money by making early bookings, and when it comes to links between the United States and Australia, the mantras are more true than ever. We have found out that the best fare on route between the two is 100-200 day before departure.

Those who want to increase their Bondi Beach budgets as much as possible should take a look at the annual rate for travel between America and Australia. This is because our statistics have shown that November (just in Time for Australian Summer!), February and March (perfect for a patch of sunny winter!) sailings can save travellers up to $450, with average values in the $1,550 return range.

This is a whole cargo less expensive than having to fly the peak in January, when the ticket price rises to almost $2,000 round trips! Straight to Australia from the United States can be a discouraging proposition for travellers - with their pesky flight schedules of over 17 hrs - but they can also provide many cost benefits when it comes to the crisis.

Currently, only 4 major Australian destinations operate non-stop services from Honolulu, with the cheapest call coming from Honolulu averaging $1,095 return, followed by Dallas and Los Angeles at around $1,500 and San Francisco at over $1,700. Although it's a great notion to be ahead of domestic flight trend between the United States and Australia in general, there really can be no replacement to focus on the links between your particular origin and destination airport.

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