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Jet Group announces FLITE Air to Insignia Jet Group Taxi?

That'?s what it has, and it's FLITE Air Taxi. is the virgin. Indeed, he was the first Virgin Atlantic Airways associate to write the airline's blueprint with Richard Branson, the founding father of Virgin Companies. Then he did something relatively uncommon in civil aeronautics - he abandoned Virgin and shifted his attention to the other side of the apron.

"Looking at what happened in General aviation in comparison to the meticulously designed mess on the business side, I couldn't believe the possibilities of flying privately," Tait says. When he was appointed to the position of Avocet Aircraft Chief Executive Officer, a very lightweight aircraft to be specially designed for air taxis, he first tried to take the air taxis with him.

As Israel withdrew its assistance from the plan, Israel Aircraft killed the plane, but not Tait's belief that there was a giant air taxicab possibility "waiting in the wings". They soon opted for the Pilatus PC-12 as the optimum glider with its low running costs, quick response time, large, luxurious six-seater cab, and capacity to cope with everything from club to suitcase.

"We believe there is a large segments of recreational and corporate travellers seeking to relieve the distress of the terminals of distress in corporate aviation, especially in short-haul markets," Tait said. "It' s about raising people' s consciousness that there is such an inexpensive option to getting a plane chartered," he added. FLITE Air Taxi is the new addition to Sullivan and Tait's product range with more than 50 Pilatus PC-12's in the national range.

FLITE members benefit from low set rate per hour and a consistent, outstanding travelling environment for our customers. An early adopted player is the LPGA Champions golf player Cristie Kerr, who has taken wings to several LPGA tours with FLITE's Pilot in recent years. "Cristie enthused: "The Mount Mount Mount is just a great little birdy and the hold is amazing - ideal for your backpack.

The FLITE AIR TAXI is a Insignia Jet Group charters programme. For more information call 1-800-517-8169 or go to www.FliteAirTaxi.com.

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