Flying man

Fly man

Grammit Dorman Grammits Superman-Fantasien dans Frank Stacks "Dr. Feelgood"-Comics und The Battlin' American dans einem Lloyd-Llewelyn-Comic von Dan Clowes. The Flying Man can be seen for free on Vimeo here and on YouTube here. Clapping Saffiyah's hands, twenty flying men appeared at her side, each well trained in martial arts. A superhero short directed by Marcus Alqueres.

story line

An infant detects a lethal extraterrestrial animal and ends up in a top secretive governing mission. Part of a foreign race is questioned and tortures by a plane. And what if we human beings were to develop beyond the boundaries of our light bluish point here on earth?

Sleepless clerk photocopying a "black hole" later in the evening. One with a severe scalp wound thinks his own backyard has died in today's Britain. An enigmatic militia man conquers a town in a hurricane. He is a super-strong militant who opposes the rule of law by using extremist force to combat crimes.

"Flying Man": Pictures records hot Sci-Fi Short (Exclusive)

Marcus Alqueres Short's adaption is made by Scott Glassgold, who has just entered into a first-look contract with the atelier. The Flying Man, a shortfilm created and staged by animateur and full-length video effect star Marcus Alqueres, has been acquired by Sony Pictures with the intention of transforming it into a full-length feat.

Simultaneously, the studios has concluded a first-look contract with Scott Glassgold, who is responsible for the big-shot take and who has set himself the task of exploring, creating and positioning this type of short as a movie project. Glassgold, who previously worked for IAM Entertainment, will be producing through his recently established Ground Control Group.

Flying Man, Glassgold, and Alqueres used the excitement of the shorts to wrap the movie with a special scripted by Chris Collins, author of The Wire, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Sons of Anarchy. Included in the contract are the title to the shortfilm and the screenplay.

Telling the story of a promising suicide hero seen through the eye of a man who wants to perpetrate a criminal offence, the shortfilm attracted a great deal of interest in the industrial sector when it was released at the end of 2013 and was seen over 7 million copies on the web. The Brazilian director, producer and editor of the shortfilm, Alqueres, trusted his many years of experience in the field of producing and editing video effect glasses such as 300, Source Code, The Planet of the Apes and The Adventures of Tintin.

Glass Gold previously created Short's Trueskin at Warner Bros, Rosa at Fox and Beyond at Universal. With the first-look deals, producers are asked to use these kinds of short and get them to Sony. IAM Entertainment's Raymond Brothers is also making Flying Man. UTA, Ground Control and Myman Greenspan represent Alqueres.

UTA and McKuin Frankel represent Collins.

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