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The CanJet was a Canadian low cost airline based in Enfield, Nova Scotia and based at Halifax International Airport. Never before have Canjet Airlines flights been so cheap! Canjet Airlines promotion codes can save you a lot of money on reservations and tickets with Canjet Airlines! Low cost flight tickets and charter flights to the sun with CanJet. The CanJet Airlines is a division of IMP Group Limited, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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Reserve your discounted ticket on CanJet. Should the cost of your CanJet route decrease after booking, we will refund you the balance. More than 37 different destination are served by CanJet. CanJet' flying to 23 Canadians. The CanJet was established in 2002. CanonJet operates between: and several other itineraries. Luggage charges are generally not covered for this carrier.

Advance payment of luggage directly at the airlines before take-off in order to prevent higher fees at the airports. Click here for information on Canjet luggage.

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The CanJet was a Canada low-cost airline with headquarters in Enfield, Nova Scotia and headquarter at Halifax International Airport." 1 ][2] In supplement to the initial flight schedule passengers service, CanJet provided branded and chartered flights as well as flight contracts and ad hoc rentals to other travel agents and carriers throughout Canada and the United States.

IMP Group International held 100% of CanJet and employed 572 people in March 2007. 4 ] The carrier discontinued operation in 2015. Founded in 1999, the company commenced operation on 5 September 2000. Founded as part of the IMP Group, it amalgamated with Canada 3000 in May 2001 just before Canada 3000 went bankrupt.

On 20 June 2002 CanJet was re-launched as an autonomous carrier. This newly launched carrier served three routes, but quickly grew. Of Canjet' s nine fleets, seven were previously owned by United and one by Sabena and seven by Boeing 737-500. Plan were made to increase the airline's 737-500 Boeing family to 20 by 2006, but the plan was not implemented.

CanJet started operations at Hamilton/John C. Munro International Airport, Hamilton, in April 2004 to fill a gap that arose after WestJet moved its east hubs to Toronto Pearson International Airport. During May 2005, the airline began expanding into the West Canada region with a service between Calgary and Toronto, with slow expansion into other West Canada regions planned.

After Jetsgo's collapse, the firm was hoping to fill part of its slice of the pie and was hoping to gradually grow to prevent the destiny of other firms like Canada 3000. Canada Jazz announces a new Hamilton/John C. Munro International Airport of Montreal and Ottawa. In June 2005, two week after Air Canada Jazz announces a new Hamilton/John C. Munro International Airport of Montreal and Ottawa, CanJet announces the discontinuation of its Hamilton services.

August 2005 saw CanJet announce a new ministry from Toronto to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. CanJet and Harmony Airways entered into a May 2006 market agreement to provide greater cross-country services. The CanJet would discontinue flights due west of Toronto and concentrate more on flights to the US Ocean. These pacts enabled passengers to make bookings with both carriers and to transport their baggage between the two carriers.

CANJET stated on 5 September 2006 that it would discontinue all regular flights on 10 September 2006[5] and concentrate instead on charters as the Canadian aviation sector is very competitively positioned and therefore low margin. IMP Chairman and CEO Ken Rowe said: "Given the growing risk associated with the operation of a commercial air carrier, IMP has chosen to discontinue its year-round operations and concentrate on its growing chart operations.

As CanJet explained, all travellers who purchased ticket for trip data after September 10, 2006 would receive a full reimbursement or alternate itineraries. 6 ] Prior to the notice, CanJet had operated liner shipping operations serving 15 towns in Canada and the United States. On all flights (except USA flights) CanJet offered free warm food with a glas of beer, soft drinks, coffe and tee on all flights.

Pizzas and sweets were available on flights to the USA, with free soft drinks, coffees and teas. Flights to the south provided a free bottle of champagne on aboard. The CanJet. "CANADA CANADA B2T 1R6" ^ "Directory: The World Airlines. International flight.

"CanJet' s Tomorrow in Doubts after Collective Redundancies." "The CanJet Airlines are sacking most of their personnel because the numbers of flights to Europe have been cut." CanJet, an air carrier located in Halifax, has suspended air traffic for an indefinite period of time.

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