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Wedding noua experiences MERIDIAN TAXI on the smartphone! Upload Meridian Taxi and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The Meridian is one of the best taxi companies in Bucharest. Directions to Gara de Nord main station by Meridian taxi from downtown. Latest tweets from MERIDIAN TAXI (@MERIDIAN_Taxi):

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MARIDIAN TAXI is the first MERIDIAN GROUP member with over 20 years of expertise in the transportation of passengers. Meridian Taxi is a highly qualified taxi service provider, guaranteeing security, comfort and speed at all times. Satisfied customers are a top priorities for MERIDIAN TAXI, which is why the firm provides a high level of service, speed and a broad selection of top class cars such as Renault Megane, Renault Clio, Skoda Octavia and Dacia Logan.

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Checking transit: Taximeridian of Bucharest from Gara De Nord railway yard

If I am in a non-English language state, I usually do everything possible to prevent the use of taxi services. Unfortunately, a late departure from Brasov led to an early hour of my flight arriving around midnight and I had my normal way of returning to the resort sunk. Since the metro, streetcar and buses in Bucharest ceased operations at 23:00, local transport was off the agenda.

The general fatigue of a long excursion to Sinaia and the fact that one is not acquainted with the area eliminates the tardy overnight use. In order to finish the triad, a shortage of smart phone and Wi-Fi and mobile phone signals have plotted to do the job. Take a cab in Bucharest. Arriving at Bucharest Gara de Nord station, many signposts hung from the chevrons pointing the way to the automatic taxi shop.

Waiting lines, however, were long (15-20 minutes waiting time), especially after getting off a beloved rail line in the evening of Sunday. Overcrowding at the newsstand makes sure that the taxi charges the taxi's fare. In April 2016, at the beginning of the journey, this represented a price of RON 1.4 at the beginning of the journey and 1 km for each km driven.

Alternatively, you can use informal taxi services. Tourists wander through the kiosks and try to use the seats of those people who are disappointed by the long lines. Offers I got were about 48 RON for a 3 km long journey, or about 7 times the amount of the original costs. Well, I just figured I'd see it off. To get the fare, I first had to get a print version of the tickets from the newsstand.

Each instruction is in Romanian, English, Hispanic, French, Italien or Deutsch and allows the choice of taxi service. There was only one firm to choose from, of course, Meridian Taxi. It is not unusual during rush hour that the initial results of the quest are not available at all. A taxi was found after several trials and about 5 mins later.

At the end of the trip I decided to give the chauffeur money in form of money (credit card will not be accepted) and the shop imprinted a four-digit number of my taxi and the estimated travel number. I was waiting on the curb next to the newsstand with the tickets in my hands.

You are only allowed to drive into this locked area with a taxi that has been officially registered at the newsstand. My taxi came after a five-minute waiting time. Luckily, my keys contained the adress of the guesthouse and the drivers could look it up in the GPS-equipped taxi. If you don't have full Wi-Fi connectivity to your cell phones, the Meridian Taxi is fitted with free Wi-Fi connectivity.

Journey distance between railway stations and hotels in Piata Romana is about 3 km and costs about 5 ROZ. For the second datapoint I took a taxi for the same distance on a Saturday afternoons full of work. Twice the price this year, at 13 RON.

Probably the higher costs were a result of the longer waiting times due to heavy driving and the smooth touch of a few keys by the rider. Bucharest cabs are inexpensive and readily available. In many cases more comfortable than in Bukarest.

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